4 Handy Tips For Designing Your E-commerce Website

If you are new to web design and trying to set up an e-commerce website then keep reading. Setting up a decent site that utilizes its web design to enhance site traffic is important. Using the web design to give your customers the best shopping and purchasing experience possible will ensure your long terms success. There are simple and handy ways to set up your website for the best e-commerce experience you can offer, here they are:

1. User Experience Is Critical

When designing your website for e-commerce success, remember that every single detail makes a difference. There isn’t one element of the user experience that can be overlooked or ignored. Even if the user doesn’t notice every single detail in one site visit, the small and finer details can contribute to the sub conscious user experience. 

Ensure everything on your site speaks from the perspective of your brand. Your site must be clean, clear, easy to use and navigate. If you aren’t sure how user friendly your website is and are needing a second opinion, why not hire someone to use your website intimately and give you honest feedback. This way you are receiving input from a neutral third party, this information can greatly benefit the future of your business.

2. Simple Design Is Key

There is nothing more distracting or off-putting then a cluttered, confusing and over the top website design. Keep your designs simple and easy to understand. Minimalist websites are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. They are more visually appealing, easier for the user to use, and create a more trustworthy user experience. Cluttered and complex websites give the user the feelings of being unsafe and may lead to them not completing their order due to distrust and confusion.

3. Allow The User To View Their Cart

Make sure you have a shopping cart icon somewhere on every page of your site. This is great for several reasons. It allows the customer continuous access to their shopping cart. It also sub consciously encourages them to want to add items to their cart from your shop. Having this button visible at all times while customers are online shopping has been proven to increase sales. Something important to remember is: ensure the cart updates in real-time so there is no confusion in terms of sales.  

4. Maintain Clarity Around Pricing

Honesty is always the best policy, whether in e-commerce or if your site offers an online casino welcome bonus! A very important tip to remember when designing your e-commerce website is to always be honest with your customers. Nothing will repel customers faster than loosing trust in you or your brand. This can happen quickly and easily if you are not always up front about all aspects of your business. Don’t hide any information or create a tricky shopping experience by the lack of clarity on the web design side of things. Ensure that all your pricing, shipping and product information is easy to find, accessible, and honest.

However you end up deciding to design your website, keep our helpful tips in mind. Remember to design from a place of satisfying your users and customers, and you can’t go wrong.

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