Why Studying Online Is Better For The Environment

Online degrees are becoming more popular each year. There are many reasons they are leading the way in adult education. They are flexible and can be studied part-time or full-time. Many degrees can be studied whilst working and around busy lifestyles, making them the go-to degree. They are completely flexible; all you need is a computer or laptop and some time to spare. Online degrees aren’t just great for busy adults, they are also better for the environment, and here’s why.


One of the most obvious reasons online universities are better for the environment is that you do not have to travel anywhere. Although there are public transport links to most universities, which is better for the environment, thousands of students still drive. This causes pollution to the environment each day, which isn’t needed when studying from home. It also saves money on traveling for you and means less fuel will be purchased, saving vital resources. Rutgers University is one of the many online universities that are available through your computer, meaning you can relax in your own home and study. If you fancy a change of scenery, take your laptop to a local café.


Universities have a lot of waste. From paper to food, students go through a lot that isn’t necessarily needed. If you are studying online, all your documents are online, meaning no need to have paper after paper printed for each lesson. Although you may find it helpful to print some things for your studies, always consider if it is worth it. Electricity is another big wastage in universities with classrooms being used all day. Although you will still be using electricity in your home, this is nothing compared to lighting and heating the big rooms in a university or college. Working from home means you can do your bit for the environment, recycle any used papers, or use them to make notes or memos for yourself.


Being able to cook from home means you know exactly where your food has come from and you can choose local produce if you are dedicated to reducing your carbon footprint. Big universities will purchase food and drink in bulk from wherever is cheapest, meaning it could have traveled hundreds of miles, so think how much greenhouse gases the factories are producing. This is something we don’t tend to think about when buying pre-made foods, but your lunchtime sandwich could have generated a lot of pollution for the environment.

The fewer people that buy from university canteens means the less they will purchase, reducing the need for lorries to drive for miles and pollute the environment. Making your own food means you can be more environmentally friendly with your choices. Sit back and enjoy your own food whilst studying an online degree at Rutgers University Online.

Although universities may be right for some courses, most courses can be studied 100% online, meaning you can do your little bit for the environment whilst studying.

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