People Search: How To Find Influencers For Your Next Big SEO Campaign

As countless studies have proven in the past, backlinks mean everything when it comes to a successful SEO campaign. Unfortunately, this is a currency which more websites are starting to understand and as such, the art of finding good backlinks is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is the reason behind today’s post. While there’s no guarantee that we are able to catapult your latest content piece to top the charts, we can at least point you in the right direction on some common tips that can help your plight. Let’s take a look at these suggestions in-detail.

Finding journalists in the field

The very first thing you should be looking to achieve is to contact journalists. Journalists are the bread-and-butter of a successful content piece, for numerous reasons.

Firstly, they work for newspapers which are highly powerful domains. Secondly, they are the people that can get your content in the eyes of other publications, and ultimately create a domino effect.

One common problem is that it can be difficult to find contact details for journalists, as many of them work on a freelance basis for various newspapers. This is where a people search service comes into the picture; this makes finding contact details for a person exceptionally easy and ensures that you are provided the correct email and telephone number. On the subject of this, picking up the phone and speaking directly to a journalist is always going to be more effective than sending an email. Don’t be scared.

The power of social media

The rise of social media means that there will be few raised eyebrows with this next suggestion.

There’s a couple of ways of tapping into the power of social media. Some people might initiate a paid social campaign; which can really accelerate the pace in which your campaign has and get it in front of eyeballs.

Then, there is relationship building. This can yield cheaper, and longer-term results, as the aim is to build a relationship with an “influencer” on a platform like Twitter or a well-known blog. You can’t send them your content immediately; it needs to be a long and sustained relationship where they start to trust your judgement. When you get to this point, they are much more likely to help you with the outreach process by distributing on their channels.

Who has covered similar pieces in the past?

This final tip involves scouring as many relevant publications as possible and finding out just what else has been covered that’s similar to your content. This can be through a backlink checker, or just through random searches on the internet.

Once you find this coverage, it’s all about contacting these outlets that have covered it. You know that they are happy to cover similar items, so a chance at least exists of them covering your piece. Of course, it’s not a fool proof method, but as anyone who has been involved in the game for a while will testify it really is a numbers game when it comes to SEO outreach.

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