The Top Five Strategies You Need to Win an Escape Room Game

Escape rooms have definitely become a popular means for people to spend time together, whether it’s a big group or a few friends. Escape rooms are undoubtedly exciting, and even if you don’t manage to break out in the end, the process itself is a lot of fun. But of course, for those who are really competitive, the objective is to win at all costs. If you have planned an escape room activity or are thinking of playing with your workplace team or group of friends or family, here are the top five strategies you need to win an escape room game.

Choose the ideal team

Some escape room experts will tell you to choose the ideal team. But it’s not just about what your team knows – it’s about who works well together. You don’t really need to have ‘smart’ individuals on your team – all you need is a group with whom you’re comfortable and team members who are determined to reach the set goal. Another great strategy you can take advantage of is this: it’s best to pick about four to six people per team. Whilst many escape rooms can fit up to 10 people, it’s a better idea to have fewer people on the team rather than a bunch of people running around and panicking.

Be punctual and plan ahead

Escape rooms are an exercise for the mind and, believe me, the mental activity can be quite draining. You want your mind to be as fresh as possible once you enter. This is why it pays to be punctual and plan ahead. If you are planning to have an escape room activity, make your reservation in advance, and make sure to be there early, so you have time to compose yourself and get mentally ready. The best time to be there is about 15 minutes prior to the schedule so you can relax and prep everyone else.

Be – and stay – positive

It’s easy to say, ‘be positive’ but when you’re already in the throes of the game and are slowly beginning to freak out, you’ll do well to remember to keep a positive attitude. You don’t have to be too cocky, either – but you should still have a certain amount of confidence so you can set a high standard for yourself and your team. And if things don’t go according to plan whilst you are in the game, don’t let this frustrate you – just carry on and find a way around it.

Know the room’s rules

Each escape room comes with different rules, like the popular escape games Leeds offers at Kanyu Escape, and it’s essential for you to know the room’s rules as well. For example, there may be items or things you shouldn’t hold or touch, and if you make a mistake and touch an item, this can mess up the puzzle and result in lost time. Make sure you know the rules and remember them. Here’s another tip: make sure you are fully aware of the clues you have and don’t forget the game’s time limit as well.

Communication is key

Proper communication is essential for any escape room activity because a puzzle will only be linked based on what you see and notice in the room. So, if you see or notice something (like an object or symbol), don’t forget to mention it. Talk to each other about what you discover; this can help the entire team analyse the clue and figure out what it is. If you keep quiet, you could well be affecting the team’s chance of success. Good luck, but more importantly, have fun!

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