5 Things That Make A Marriage Work

While the perfect marriage is far from realistic, a happy marriage is. Numerous studies have been done to determine exactly what it is that makes the happy ones tick.

What is it that makes some couples throw in the towel after a few short months, while others stick it out for decades? You’ll be surprised to know that the reason may not be what you think.

Believe it or not, the secret isn’t getting along all the time. Many happy couples not only regularly fight, but in many cases, daily! So, what makes love last? Take a look at some of the key ingredients to a strong marriage.

Listen To Each Other

Sometimes tasks as simple as choosing flooring together can erupt into a full-fledged screaming match. You appreciate the qualities of hardwood, while he thinks linoleum is the way to go.

Even though you may wholeheartedly disagree, it’s essential to hear their point of view. By hearing the other one out, you’re giving them value. The minute that you start to discredit your partner’s opinions is the moment you both begin to breed contempt.

Enjoy Quality Time Together

The minute that your partner starts to become more like a roommate than a lover is when things start to go sour. It’s vital that you spend plenty of quality time together, and focus on strengthening your relationship.

Try to make quality time a priority rather than something you try to squeeze into your schedules.

Avoid Tit For Tat

One of the biggest mistakes that many couples make is keeping score. The attitude of only giving to your partner if they’re giving in return is a fast track to your relationship deteriorating.

The point of a relationship isn’t only giving when you’re receiving. The point is selflessly giving yourself to someone else without expectations. When your goal is to give rather than to receive, then the real magic happens.

Get Things Out On The Table…. Then Leave It

It’s important that you tackle any issues that are bothering you. Talking things through is essential in a relationship. However, once you’ve discussed it and found a resolution, it’s time to bury the hatchet.

Bringing things up later during arguments will only poison your relationship. The past is the past. Move forward and forgive each other along the way.

Give Each Other Compliments

Don’t forget that your partner still needs the same attention that you gave them when you first got together. Tell them how much you love their outfit. Compliment them on their physique. Praise them on their cooking!

Encouraging each other rather than criticizing each other will strengthen your bond. By boosting each other, you both benefit!

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