The Art Of Writing Letters In The Digital Age

In this age where technology is nothing but the norm, writing letters has been taken for granted. However, old-fashioned mail is a fun and exciting way to keep in touch. Let me tell you why.

It is a form of art

A letter is not just another way of communication, rather it is considered a form of art. The paper or stationery serves as your canvass, your pen is your brush and the words you write is your painting. Also, art is a way to express yourself and so is writing a letter. You can be straightforward or you can play with words and let the reader comprehend what you are trying to say.

It has a psychological weight

Unlike email and texts, letters bring a certain emotion. It becomes tangible evidence that someone put effort into expressing their feelings and thoughts to you. They might have used a lot of paper or stationery before they were able to write the final letter to you. The sender also took time to make sure that the address is correct to make sure that it reaches the receiver. It takes time, effort and patience to create a letter, and these 3 are somehow hard to find.

It is easier to understand

When we write letters, we become conscious of spelling and grammar which we often set aside if we try to communicate via text, email or instant message via social media apps. There is a possibility that when we use those modes of communication, the recipient will misunderstand what we are trying to convey.

It is much more personal

When you receive a letter, it is much more like receiving a personal gift from someone. You are able to see a part of the sender through their handwriting thus it makes you feel that they are just beside you.

Of course, it is much more romantic than texts, emails, or instant messages

I personally love receiving a handwritten letter from someone important to me. Imagine the person you adore took time and effort to create a letter that is filled with words expressing how much they love you. Plus, you can always look back and read it again in times when you miss them the most.

Writing a letter may be a bit tricky for people in the digital age since we got used to instant messages, texts and emails. However, it is still nice to get away from the norms once in a while and writing letters is one way to do that.

If you want to read an interesting kind of letter after reading this, you may want to visit And then from there, you can write your own on a piece of paper. Send it to someone you adore – a friend, a family member or a lover, and see how they react to it.

There are also some other letter writing styles that you may want to explore. Probably, you can write poems, stories and the like, and send it to a lover. That would be extra romantic.

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