Peace of Mind – 6 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home When You Go on Holiday

Planning a holiday is always an exciting time, from browsing through hotel options to packing your suitcase. Home security might be the last thing on your mind, but there is nothing that gets rid of a holiday glow faster than dealing with a break-in. And an unattended home is the perfect opportunity for burglars to strike. Don’t take the risk. Here are six ways to secure your home before you go away.

Lock It Smart

The bad guys have gotten smarter over the years, always finding ingenious new ways to bypass the most seemingly impenetrable security measures. Fortunately, modern technology is helping homeowners stay one step ahead. Smart door locks are the perfect solution for keeping your home safe while you’re away. Most are keyless, meaning they’re impossible to pick. Many smart locks utilize Bluetooth technology that allows you to control them from your phone, even if you’re on the other side of the country, and alert the authorities if they’re being tampered with.

Appoint a Caretaker

A mailbox overflowing with mail or catalogs, trash cans left out all week and an untended garden which is usually watered and weeded to perfection are all telltale signs that you are away. Ask a friend or neighbor to call around regularly to clear the mail and water the plants. They can check that everything is as it should be, which will help dissuade any would-be burglars.

Leave the Lights On

A straightforward way to create the illusion of someone being home is to have a series of lights on timers. Experts advise that you should try to recreate your regular routine. Avoid using one small lamp on a timer in a single room of your house, and instead, opt for multiple lights to come on and off at various times of the day. There are light switch timers that can be retrofitted to your main lights without needing to be wired in. These are the best option as they won’t look out of place. Don’t forget your outside lights – bright lights at the front of the house are an excellent deterrent for a burglar wishing to remain unseen.

Don’t Advertise Your Movements on Social Media

You might be busting to make all your friends jealous with poolside pics of your fantastic vacation, but be mindful of your privacy settings and of letting the world know that you are away. Numerous high-profile burglaries have been linked to social media recently after people have posted and shared a little too liberally on their favorite platforms to brag about their getaway.

Hire a House Sitter

If you’re still anxious, you may want to consider hiring a house sitter. They can move into your house while you are away and take care of your pets, your garden, and your pool. Having someone living in your home while you are away will give you the ultimate peace of mind. There are house sitting websites for this e interested in investigating further, or you could ask friends or relatives for recommendations.

Check Your Insurance Policy is Up-To-Date

As a final layer of security, make sure that you check the details of your home and contents insurance to make sure that it is up-to-date. That way if the worst were to happen, you would know that you were covered for any loss.

With a bit of savvy forward planning, you can embark on your vacation with complete confidence, knowing that your home will be safe and secure in your absence.

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