Bedroom Hacks to Make the Most Out Of Your Small Space

There is nothing like the feeling of going home to your own bedroom after a stressful day out at work. All those deadlines and reports suddenly mean nothing when your back finally hits the soft mattress. However, you are thinking that the only thing hindering it from becoming the perfect place to be is its space.

That’s right! A lot of us have issues with a small bedroom space. No matter how awesomely comfortable our beds are (if you do not have one, check out the beds here or how personal the items are in it, a cramped space will may just make it look like a storage room no one will bother to visit.

But you know what? All it takes to fix up a small space is smart storage. So here are helpful bedroom hacks that will help you make the most out of your limited space.

Put up shelves

One of the most unused space in your room will be your wall, just below your ceiling. You can install shelves there so you can keep some of your important trinkets out of reach from people. Depending on how high your ceiling is, you can probably install at least two levels of shelves.

Clip binders for wires

The worst thing to have in a small space is a clump of wires. Not only is this an eye sore, but octopus wires are fire hazards. One hazard from a plug will surely affect all the other wires. What you can do is separate the wires by using clip binders. Put them at the side of your desk and insert the wires in the head of the clips. In this way, it would be easy for you to plug in yourphone or your laptop when you need to.

You can also choose to use an extension cord if you are going to plug in multiple wires at a time just so you would not overload the wall socket.

Consider a bed with storage

This is tricky. You can either buy a new bed which comes with a headboard space so you can place items on top. If you can, find a bed that has drawers at the bottom for more storage opportunities. You can put your clothes there so you will not need a huge closet in the room.

Another option would be to buy small organisers or cabinets you can put under your bed so you still have storage space there. It is more cost efficient since you do not have to get your bed customised or buy a new one. But in the long run, you might benefit from purchasing a bed with storage.

Use a pegboard organiser

You can see pegboards often in workshops or tool sheds, but it can be used as a storage solution in your room. Simply hang your coats, bags, scarves, and watches on it by using hooks, shower curtain rings, or clothes hangers.

For your jewellery, you can use a cork wall and just pin your necklaces. So that it does not look haphazard, you can put a frame around the cork board to make it look neat and elegant.

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