Mandatory Masks Use to End in Some Pennsylvania Casinos

Customers to some selected PA casinos, who have been immunized, are no longer required to use masks. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced last week that persons who have been completely immunized do not require to use a mask indoors or outside.

Following that announcement, the PA Department of Health announced that companies might continue to compel employees to use masks. A few Pennsylvania casinos had changed their policies by Friday evening, allowing fully vaccinated customers to access without a mask.

Statement from PA Gaming Control Board

When issuing a statement, the PA Gaming Control Board communication boss Doug Harbach said it is upon each PA casino to set its rules and either lift the ban or make it stay.

The statement read in part: – “While applying the amended CDC and PA department of health rules concerning the use of masks inside casinos with visitors, the PGCB encourages casinos to use caution. Workers who have not been properly immunized are expected to use a mask.”

Customers who gamble on online casino in PA are not affected by the new rule and they are free to continue gambling in their homes without masks, although they should observe COVID rules when in public places.

Message from PA casinos

Most PA casinos welcomed the good news because it means they will be able to allow more visitors into the casinos and this means more business. Currently, there are fourteen licensed casinos in PA and an additional four will be added soon, although these four will be satellite casinos that will have a maximum capacity of 750 gambling machines and thirty gaming tables.

Casinos were some of the businesses that were most affected by the pandemic since March 2020 and they have been consistently looking forward to the day the department of health will announce the end of the pandemic. Although it’s not yet over, the announcement renewed hope that there is greater light at the end of the tunnel.

Several PA casinos shared on their social media pages the following message – “starting today, per CDC and PA Department of Health recommendations, those who been fully vaccinated will no longer be required to use masks. Those who have only been partially immunized and those who haven’t should use masks.”

Will visitors carry their vaccination cards?

The PA casino patrons will not be violating any law if they make it a rule for visitors to carry their vaccination cards. It will be in good faith and aimed at protecting the hundreds of visitors who will be visiting the casinos daily. If a visitor shows any signs of COVID, the patrons may check their temperature and encourage the client to visit a doctor and get a get PCR test.


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