Learn About Yoga from the Experts at Wanderlust Chicago


Wanderlust Chicago is set to take place September 14–15, 2019 in Grant. The annual gathering of teachers, experts, musicians, and creators is a celebration of yoga. The event invites new and existing yogis to gather to get to know more about themselves and each other. Wanderlust Chicago will offer over 50 classes per day, taught by some of the biggest names in yoga. But there will also be those large group yoga and meditation practices from years past.

In between classes, attendees can learn from important influencers in the world of health and wellness, including Sahara Rose and Robin Youkilis. There are also new types of fitness classes to explore such as hula hooping, aerial hammock yoga, HIIT sessions, and more. The two-day event is jam-packed with possibilities and reviewing the festival’s schedule in advance allows you to plan ahead to make the most of every minute you spend in Grant Park this year.

Wanderlust Chicago looks to create a premium festival experience with local foods, craft vendors, healers, live music and more.

A Place to Stay That Encourage You to Explore Your Zen

If you love the idea of staying by a healing body of water, you’ll find Chicago waterfront hotels appealing. The Hyatt Regency Chicago offers the perfect tranquil setting for you to rest and relax after a day’s worth of classes Wanderlust. Its location in the awesome Riverwalk area makes a great home base from which to explore Chi-Town and all it has to offer. The Hampton Inn Chicago McCormick Place is situated in McCormick Square, right by the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s a hotel with great views and much to do right outside the lobby.

Soul-Fulfilling Activities to Do in the City

Sightseeing is fun, but it also fulfills the need to connect to your surroundings on a more intimate level. The following locations could be of interest to you considering how close they are to the Wanderlust festival. Each activity is perfect for solo travelers as well as couples and groups of friends.

Things to do include taking a boat tour at the Chicago Riverwalk or taking in the sights of Millennium Park. Getting some souvenir shopping done at the Magnificent Mile is also an option. You may find some yoga-related items to take home with you to remind you of your trip. Checking out Navy Pier, which provides you with plenty of inspiration for your Instagram feed, too.

Nourish The Body and the Spirit

Food that is good for the body is good for the spirit, too. At Wanderlust, there is no shortage of opportunities to eat delicious meals such as an acai bowl or grab a bottle of craft kombucha from one of the many vendors. Your hunger for a deeper understanding about life will be satisfied if you’ve taken the time to feed your physical body nutritious food throughout the duration of the festival. Many of the menu items you’ll find come from local farms and restaurants.

Some of the most delicious and healthiest places in Chicago to grab a bite to eat include Little Bucharest Bistro, which serves Central European food, Cyrano’s with its French flavors, and Sopraffina Marketcaffe, a sandwich shop.

Tap Into a Place of Peace and Happiness in Chicago

Find your inner yogi in Chicago. Attending Wanderlust this year is a great place to start. You’ll discover other activities of interest throughout the Windy City, too. It’s a great place to explore your spirituality, practice meditation, and meet other likeminded business owners and locals who share your vision for a happier, healthier, and more peaceful world to live in.


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