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Would you like to be a model one day? Have you been trying and failing to get through auditions? If so then don’t worry, we have some top tips here from the guys at the John Robert Powers who want to help. They have been in business for almost 100 years and throughout those years has had some pretty big names on their books such as the great Grace Kelly and Betty Ford! For John Robert Powers Chicago was always the home of modeling and that is why we contacted the professionals to see what they had to say on tips which can help you to succeed in this industry.


Remember that the most important part of your business is you, you are the product and it is you who will need to sell yourself. What this means for you is that you must look after yourself, both inside and out. Regular exercise, skin care, hair care and clothing choices are hugely important and this should be something that is on your mind each and every day. Don’t let things slip for a second, if you do then there will be someone else waiting to take your shot who is looking after themselves.


Instead of facing rejections from agencies or waiting for someone to review as to whether or not your will be their next star model, take matters into your own hands. Using social media can be a brilliant way for you to gain a huge following and to tell the world who you are and what you do. In some cases we have seen models getting gigs based purely on their social media following and the truth is that companies and fashion labels really can’t argue with public opinion. You should of course still look at the traditional ways of getting into the industry but don’t ever overlook the benefits which a solid social media following can have.

Picking a Style

Although experienced models will turn their hand to many styles and brands, in the early stages it is best that you try to make your mark within one particular niche, and you should base this on the way that you look. For example you may have quite a natural gothic look about you, pale face and dark hair, if this is the case then make it work for you and aim for that area of the fashion industry. Being typecast is not a bad thing at all in this industry and it can in fact greatly boost your chances of getting regular work, and making a name for yourself. Don’t overlook what nature has already given you, identify it, work on it and run with it, you may be a fashion superstar in no time at all.

With these three keys you can greatly boost your chances of success in this competitive industry.

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