How Girish Kumar Navani Made Her Blog So Popular

Blogging is a fun way of involving yourself in the online community and whether you are doing it to launch a business, for fun or to try and create a another community around what you love, blogging can be a perfect way to let your creative juices run wild. One concern which many who blog have is how to get people to their blog, something which will only happen if you re active in seeking out traffic. If you simply set up a blog and expect people to arrive then you will be waiting a very long time. My close friend Girish Kumar Naviani has grown her blog over the last 3 years and she currently counts on around 30,000 unique visits per month, and here is how she achieved it.


Before we get into how she promoted her blog it is important to remember that content is absolutely everything, something which Girish Kumar Navani was aware of from the outset. Content is what will bring people to your blog, it is what they will use to rank your blog and it is also what will determine whether or not the user shares the blog, key to growth. With this in mind then it doesn’t matter whether you are receiving 100,000 visits per month or 100, the content must be of a very high quality. Your content should give value to your users and whether it is a blog post a photo or a video, you need to ask yourself what value you are providing.

Social Media

Something Girish Kumar Navani is also very active with is social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. Through these two mediums you can really drive traffic to your site through the sharing of your posts. In order to do this best you need to share the information when it is relevant, use topical hashtags and join groups which focus on the same thing that your blog does. In doing this you can speak to people who you already know are interested in the theme of your blog, and you can encourage them to come and check out what kind of stuff you are writing about.


You must engage with your following and no matter if that is on social media or on the blog itself in the comments section, people want to feel like they can get to know you and you can put a human face on your blog through your engagement. Girish always says that what she loves most about the internet is that it is a community and in her view if you are asking the community to come and see what you are doing, the least that you can do is engage with them and add further value. In doing this you can count on a more loyal following and one which will keep coming back to your site again and again.

Focus on your content and tell the world about what you are doing, do this and you may have a blog as successful as Girish’s.


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