How to Make Language Learning Process More Fun

Learning has its challenges, both for the teacher and student. And, unless you are using a technique that you are used to, the entire process of learning a new language can be frustrating. However, one way you can make the process more interesting and engaging is to add more fun. Learning a new language, one you barely know, isn’t going to be easy. But, just like getting your homework done with ease, you can make language learning more fun with these simple tips.

  1. Watch films and video clips in the new language you are learning

Are you learning Spanish, French, Chinese or another language? Then start watching movies and listening in these languages. You will not only enjoy the action but learn with fun. And by listening and watching the various actors speak, you will be able to learn new words faster and recall what you heard from the movies quicker. Also, you can get tons of videos with subtitles online. You can have the film translated into the English language or in the new language you are learning. But, In either case, you will still learn and have fun during the process. That said, you need to spend more time on such movies. Have in mind that the more time you spend watching them, the better your understanding of the language would be.

Your choice of movies should be one that has a lot of dialogue and interactions. You don’t need a film that contains more action than talking. And, while watching the videos or dramas,  try to pause them occasionally, so you can practice new words that you encountered. You can also turn off the subtitle and put your listening skills to the test. Turn on the English subtitle if you are watching the movie or drama on YouTube, and vice versa. And if possible, you can write down new words and their meaning, so you can have something to revise later.

  1. Read story books

Stories have a unique way of stimulating the mind and brain. Even if you are reading a book that has not been translated, you will develop more interest if that book is a storybook. Also, you can start with a storybook you know. Even if you have read it a couple of times, it doesn’t matter. One thing that makes this style unique is that it will make it easy for you to pick up new terms and have time to revisit the book if you can’t remember the words.

However, you can start with any children book if you are still a beginner. Children books are written with simple vocabulary and can help you learn the basics of the new language. Another thing you should have beside you before reading is a dictionary.  You need it to identify new words to enable you to read fluently.

  1. Get a language learning app – Linguician

The internet is awash with several online tools that make language learning addictive. And like Linguician, a majority of them also have an impressive interface, templates, and exercises that aid language learning.

Like many language learning tools, Linguician is a tool that can make the process more fun in several ways. Through the app, you will have recommendations of songs in your desired language and access features that will help you learn better. Listening to songs via this app does not only make the process more engaging. It will help you in building your vocabulary and understanding of words.

Another thing that makes Linguician an excellent choice for language learning is that it provides multiple-choice tests for practice purpose. The tests help teachers to evaluate the listening skills of their students. As a student, you can also use them to assess yourself.

  1. Plan the perfect trip abroad

According to a good number of writing my papers experts around the web, traveling to a country that speaks that particular language you are learning can help you learn faster. But finance can be a limiting factor. Nonetheless, even if you don’t have the means to travel abroad at present, you can plan as you are going to embark on the trip soonest. Conduct in-depth research about the country, their culture, food, and manner of dressing. The thing is the more obsessed you are about the country of interest, the more interest you will have to learn their language.

  1. Find a study buddy

Teamwork can give you that extra push you need to stay motivated and achieve your goals. So, team up with a friend that has the interest to learn the same language. Even if the person is not showing much enthusiasm like you, try to cheer each other up and set achievable goals to help boost motivation. Setting up weekly or daily goals for yourselves can make the language learning process more enjoyable for the both of you. It could be about a book you both intend to cover entirely within a space of time or a certain level of proficiency in the language that you both aspire to reach.


Learning a new language can be frustrating. You might reach a point where giving up becomes the best option. But giving up is not the answer. An easy way to stay motivated is by making the entire process more fun. When you make learning fun, you will develop more interest and become proficient in the new language faster than expected.


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