How to Give Your Kids Gifts Without Necessarily Spoiling Them


One of the fears that most parents have is that they might be spoiling their kids by giving them expensive gifts during birthdays or Christmas. It is a legitimate fear to have, as it is quite easy to spoil them if you hand them everything that they want on a silver platter. It is also understandable to fall into that trap, as what parent would not want their kids to be happy?

Fortunately, there are a few methods in which you can provide your kids with gifts that they want while simultaneously helping them grow. While it might take some time and dedication to get right, when it comes to your kids, it is more than worth the effort.

If they want something particularly expensive, help them to earn it

For example, they might ask you to buy them the latest video game console, or perhaps the newest smartphone. While it might be within your means, for most parents it is often over their budget – especially with all the other things that you have to spend on. That said, if your kids are truly set on wanting that particular item as a gift, you could help them to earn it.

While it is likely too much to ask a kid to pay for an expensive item on their own, it does not mean that they have no means of earning it. They can do a few odd jobs for you every now and then, or you can give them a chore that they need to perform every day.

Your presence is what makes gifts most important

For example, if you purchase them a good book, it is likely that they will end up ignoring it without the right support. On the other hand, if you were to read it with them and talk about the book – it could very well be fun for them. It is quite similar to buying bikes or cool scooters for kids, where it is quite fun to learn how to ride, but it is an entirely different level altogether if you are there to teach them. Your presence as a parent is what makes things fun for your kid, and it is what helps them to grow.

You do not have to be afraid to spoil them if you are there to enjoy the gift with them

While a kid getting everything that they want will likely end up spoiled, if you are there to guide them every step of the way, it can eliminate the risk altogether. A kid can get used to getting everything they want, but if you teach them to value the things that they have, it will make it less likely for such a thing to happen.

While it might feel like you are stepping on thin ice when it comes to giving gifts to your kids, the critical thing is that you are with them to experience those gifts. Whether it is the latest video game or the classic bike, you are the deciding factor.

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