How to Buy Baby Clothes: The Ultimate Guide

Between dirty laundry and a constantly growing baby, having enough clothes to keep up can get costly. The average thrifty parent spends at least $200 a year on their child’s apparel.

But, the cost is not the only factor to consider when choosing how to dress your baby.

When you buy baby clothes you want to make your life easier while keeping your baby comfortable.

So, if you are a first time parent or looking to buy a gift for someone expecting consider these tips when buying baby clothes.

How Much Clothing Do You Need?

The number one question new parents ask is “how many onesies do I need?” Getting too many clothes for a newborn can be a waste of money as they outgrow them in a month or so.

Getting enough clothes for two weeks is the safe option if you plan on doing laundry once a week at least. This will keep you stocked while clothes are being washed.

Babies Make Messes

Also, when considering how many newborn clothes do I need you should remember that one outfit per day may not be the reality.

Babies throw up their milk and have leaky diapers. So, you always want to have several backups. This is especially true if you go out of the house; keep extra clothes in your diaper bag.

Practical Clothes for Easy Changing

There is a reason that onesies where invented. The snap bottoms make it easy to access dirty diapers.

But, you may be thinking “what clothes do I need for a newborn besides onesies?” You want to keep clothing options simple. Jumpers and pants may be cute, but they make changing diapers difficult.

Baby girl clothes may give you more options like dresses for the summer. But, trousers for newborn boys might not be worth the trouble.

Prepare for the Upcoming Season and Size

Being a parent always means thinking ahead. The biggest rule when learning how to buy baby clothes is to think of the future.

When shopping, look for the next size up, always buying bigger than your baby’s current size.

Also, look into next season to prepare for cold or hot weather. The last thing you want is to wait for your baby to be uncomfortable in inappropriate clothes.

You can even think well into the future by buying next year’s clothes. You can look at discounted clothes from last season in larger sizes to save some money.

Handed-Down Clothes Swap or Shop

If you want to stock up but also save money then having a clothing swap with friends can get you lightly used clothes while getting rid of your smaller sizes.

You won’t need to worry about how much clothing for baby you need if you can rely on handed-down clothes from a parent with an older child.

Going to second-hand shops is another way to find cheap yet reliable clothes for your baby.

Buy Baby Clothes That Show Your Style

When you buy baby clothes keep these tips in mind but do not sacrifice your style. The fun part of having a baby is that you can dress them any way you please. Keep their clothes practical but also keep them as cute as could be.

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