George Ammar on the Keys to a Happy Life

Let’s face it, the one thing which all of us are looking for in this life is to be happy, happiness is of course subjective and your happiness may alter from another’s. With this being said however, it is important that we do all that we can to have a happy life, and for me that comes from being inspired by those around you. To discover the secrets to a happy life, I spoke with arguably one of the happiest people in Cleveland, Ohio, my good friend George Ammar.

George is a certified Public Accountant and the founder and owner of the successful Ohio CFO LLC. George has been successful both in his private life and his business life, and seems to have a resilience to sadness or stress. I spoke to the cheery George S. Ammar to find out what the keys were to his happiness.


Knowing What Makes You Happy

George rightfully points out form the outset that first you must understand what it is that makes you happy, and then go after it. For example George always knew that he wanted to live in Cleveland, Ohio, so that is just what he did, he knew what business he wanted and what kind of life too. Once you know what makes you happy, that is when you can start going after it.

Do What You Love Daily

George puts much of his happiness on his family and most importantly, doing what he loves each and every day. For example George Ammar is one of the biggest fitness freaks that I know, he loves to exercise and he loves to live an active lifestyle. He tells me that doing this each day, and spending time with his family is what keeps him with a smile on his face.


In line with George’s love of exercise, he really places a great deal of emphasis on having a healthy body if you are looking to have a healthy mind and soul. George eats well, he keeps his body in good shape and he ensures that his body has the right combination of nutrients and vitamins to give him the energy that he needs. George tells me that he really has the perfect day when he can wake up to exercise, take breakfast with the family and then head into work, a job which he loves incidentally, to spend his  day with his team, before coming home to his family. His healthy lifestyle is what gives him the fuel to keep doing what makes him happy.

Dealing Stress

Finally George tells me that being happy is not the only thing that he understands, but also how to avoid being unhappy, in particular when it comes to stress. George has found the perfect way for him to manage stress, though his exercise, and finding out how to avoid stress is the best way to maintain happiness.

There you have it, some pearls of wisdom from the happiest man in Cleveland, Ohio.

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