Feng Shui Essentials for Living Room Decor

No wonder why people consider Feng Shui a method of decoration. But in reality, it is more than that.

Feng Shui is a philosophical system that harmonizes aspects of surroundings by changing the energy of space we live in. Since the environment has a significant impact on our behavior and mood, it is bound to be influenced by surrounding physical objects. As the living room serves multiple purposes in a home, the flow of positive energy should be regulated to create a balanced environment. That’s where the principles of Feng Shui come to your rescue.

Here are a few approaches that can help you create a Feng Shui living room.

1. Follow Clutter-Free Principle 

The first step to assimilate your living room with good Feng Shui is to keep it clutter-free. A clutter-free space promotes the flow of energy. A clean and minimalist space in Feng Shui is considered auspicious.

But this doesn’t imply that you need to empty your room by removing everything. Instead, focus on keeping things that are essential and serve a purpose in your life. Like, avoid piling up unnecessary old stuff on your center table. Examine your room and preserve things like décor items, furniture, and other items that are genuinely connected to you. Things that don’t entice you; it is better to donate them.

2. Color Choice Too Matters 

Feng Shui follows a close connection with colors. Your living room acts like a focal area where people with different energies and personalities meet, thus consider balancing it with an earthy toned rug. Earthy hues help us connect to nature and bring stability in our life. Moreover, furniture neutral yellow and brown shades, as found in wooden sofa designsare considered ideal. Plus, when choosing décor accessories, go for shades of blue, green, and others with a bright charm. These will fulfill your home with positivity and happiness.

3. Bring your Focus to Layout 

In Feng Shui, your living room’s layout has a profound impact on energy flow. To ensure your home attracts good feng shui, your living room furniture should feature an organized arrangement. The position of the sofa should be such that it encourages conversation. The seating in a room should face each other. And if the possible back of your couch or sofa should never be placed with the rear-facing the door.

4. Spruce Up the Walls 

To infuse a positive vibe in your living room, consider decorating the walls. One of the most effective methods for wall decoration is to use wallpapers. Notably, the wallpapers exuding elements of nature, such as floral arrangements, birds, animals, trees, and leaves, create a stimulating impact.

5. Bring inside some fresh flowers

In feng shui, fresh flowers invoke joy and happiness. They promote a better flow of energy in a

space. The beauty, vivid shades, and freshness of flowers remind us of celebrations. Adoring your home even with a single flower makes the environment inviting and refreshed.

Incorporate these Feng Shui ideas into your living room arrangement to lead a happy life!


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