David Turlington Talks about the Modern ways to Lose Weight

For as long as the world spins round, obesity is going to remain a problem. The authorities try and throw money at it every single year, but it tends to matter very little. With fad diets, fast food temptations and everything else that impacts your waistline – everyone staying trim is seemingly a distant dream.

This is one field which David Turlington has studied intently over the last few years. He has found that there have been some advancements in the way that we shift the pounds recently, that go against the traditional “counting calories” and other methods that the world has grown accustomed to. Fortunately, these advancements are anything but the fads that so many of us have seen in advertisements.

Through the course of this page we will now take a look at a couple of these methods in greater detail.

Method #1 – It’s time to turn your back on cardio

For years we have been told to run, cycle and basically sweat our way to weight loss. Cardio has been the king of weight loss, but one has to question just why this doesn’t seem to work for a lot of people.

There are a few reasons for this. The first is that it’s boring to say the least, and running two hours a day isn’t exactly going to motivate you to continue to do more exercise. Secondly, in comparison to the amount of time you spend on the treadmill (or your exercise method of choice), the amount of calories you burn is actually very low.

A far more notable way to lose weight is to turn to weight lifting. It might not stereotypically be the “right” way, but the long-term benefits are immense. Even after your workout concludes, your metabolism will be working overtime and continuing to burn more calories. This is one benefit that’s simply not reaped when it comes to cardio.

Method #2 – Keep your workouts short and sweet (and sweaty)

Another option is to stay on top of one of the current fitness trends and opt for HIIT. Short for high intensity interval training, this again goes against a lot of what we have learned for years about staying lean. Rather than slogging away for hours in the gym, this involves short bursts of training that only tend to last for up to thirty minutes at a time.

The basis is that you will work at an intense level, before having short rests. Again, the benefits of this all relate to your metabolism, and how you can get the most out of it through the course of the day.

While it might sound too good to be true, it’s worth remembering that gyms around the country are starting to implement this form of training into their group plans. Not to mention how happy you will feel once you’re working out, even if you’re not in shape! In other words, it’s tried-and-tested, and there’s absolutely no reason that you can’t become one of the many people who have tasted so much calorie-crunching success by using it.

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