All Eyes on You: 3 Jewelry Items That Were Designed to Draw Attention

What you wear says a lot about you. Many people think this only relates to clothing, but this is far from true. Your jewelry can command attention and communicate elements of your personality to onlookers. However, you have to ensure you choose the right jewelry if you want all eyes on you. Personalized jewelry of all varieties, statement earrings, and statement necklaces can all make you the focus of the room. Let’s delve into this a little more.

Personalized Jewelry

Get your name, initials or a symbol or word which is meaningful to you and you’ll certainly get the attention (and questions) of others. If you want to start the conversation at the next party you attend, wear a personalized bar bracelet, choker, nameplate necklace or signet ring. You can opt for something cute, classic or sassy, depending on your personality. Just don’t be surprised when someone sees your jewelry and goes “Wow, check this out!” to anyone in earshot. Choose your favorite metals and stones and take good care of your jewelry and you’ll be grabbing attention for years to come.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have fast become a favorite among the fashionable crowd. They draw attention to the face both in selfies and in real life. These loud accessories are frequently paired with relatively simple shirts and denim to dress up otherwise casual looks. Some negate the need for a necklace since they extend way past the shoulder. And if you thought a pair of earrings had to match, forget it! Some pairs consist of related but different objects. Think a question mark in one ear and an exclamation mark in the other. Other pairs feature the same design but one earring is large and the other is small. Whether you want to invest in a timeless pair or purchase several affordable options to change up your look every day, you’ll find something you like.

Statement Necklaces

Like the statement earring, the statement necklace is for the woman who likes attention. These pieces are chunky, colorful, and unique. You’ll find options made from metals, beads, plastic, and wood so no matter your aesthetic, you’re bound to find something you like. They draw attention to your chest area and act as the focal point of your outfit. This means you should keep the rest of your attire simple if you want the necklace to stand out.


You can rock a statement necklace during the day with jeans and a tee or at night with a chic cocktail dress to instantly boost your look. If you’re looking to buy your first statement piece, try to find something that will work with lots of items in your closet. If your wardrobe is very colorful, an oversized metallic necklace may be a good piece to start with. However, if you have mainly black and lots of neutrals, colorful pieces will be best.

As you can see, jewelry is a great way to add interest to your look and grab the attention of those around you. Get a personalized necklace or statement piece and get the conversation started.

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