5 Tips For Squeaky Clean Laundry

When you spend money on clothes, you naturally want to extend their life as long as possible. What’s the point in paying for something if it’s not going to last? Buying a shirt that you love only to stain it a few short weeks later is heartbreaking! In order to get the maximum investment out of the clothes that you buy, it’s important to keep them clean!

If you have kids, you may have even more work cut out for you when laundry day rolls around. So, here are some of the best ways to keep your clothes clean and stain-free.

Carry Around a Stain Pen

Stains can happen at any moment under any circumstance. All it takes it one wrong slip of the wrist or melted ice cream to ruin your favorite pair of pants. Since you may not always be around a faucet, you should carry around a stain pen.

You simply rub over the stained area and go about your business. However, don’t forget to wash the item of clothing when you get home. The stain pen helps, but it’s not as effective as washing as well.

Pre-soak Clothing

Some clothes have deep stains that may be more difficult to get out. It may help to pre-soak your clothing in a stain-remover and warm water for at least an hour before washing it. Always, hang dry rather than throw it in the dryer, as a dryer can set the stain even deeper.

Always Read Clothing Labels

Clothing manufacturers put care labels on clothing for a reason. In order to get the most life out of your purchases, it’s important to follow the care instructions carefully.

If a label says dry-clean only, then, by all means, dry-clean only! If it’s clearly marked to wash with similar colors, then only wash it with similar colors. It’s important that you follow the instructions carefully.

All it takes is one wrong wash to ruin your clothing. It’s a good idea to read the care label before you buy your clothing to make sure that it’s not too much hassle.

Wash Your Clothes Inside Out

Washing your clothes inside out can avoid your clothing getting snagged or stuck to other fabrics in the machine. The colors will also be preserved longer by cleaning them inside out.

In addition to washing your clothing inside out, you should also and button things up to avoid them getting pulled or stretched during the wash cycle.

Use Quality Soap and Softener

You wouldn’t throw cheap gas into a BMW, so why would you throw cheap soap on your clothing? When you use low-quality soap, it settles into the fabrics of your clothing and sheets leaving it stiff and damaged.

Try to use high-quality soap and limit the amount of softener that you use. Too much can leave your clothing full of residue that dull colors.


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