5 Things You Learn When Buying An Engagement Ring

For most men, proposing marriage is a stressful thing. Aside from not knowing if your proposal will be accepted, there is also the ring design, which might not be to her liking. All in all, a marriage proposal can seem like a daunting thing and when you want to acquire the ring, there are quite a few surprises in store.

Custom made is no more expensive than choosing one off the shelf

This does surprise many people who mistakenly believe that custom engagement rings in Brisbane are reserved for millionaires. In fact, it is no more expensive than choosing a ring from the jewellery store shelf. If you search online, you will find the websites of quite a few custom jewellers near you. You can even have a free informal Zoom chat to discuss your needs.

Diamond grading

Diamonds, like other precious stones, are graded using the 4C system; colour, clarity, cut and carat, which is the weight of the diamond. There are numerous governing bodies that issue diamond certificates. The main one being the Gem Institute of America, or GIA, as it is known. Every diamond should be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, stating the stone’s properties. If the jeweller cannot provide you with its certification, this should be a red alert.

It’s all about the budget

At the end of the day, your budget will determine the number, size and quality of diamonds set into the ring. Prior to looking at rings or ring designs, you should have a ballpark figure in your head that you are prepared to spend. Some men are unsure about this. You could say that 3 months’ salary would be about right for a diamond engagement ring.

There are other precious stones apart from diamonds

Although it is traditional to have diamonds in an engagement ring, many couples are looking at other precious stones. With beautiful custom gemstone rings in Brisbane or the jewellers in your local area are offering, you are spoiled for choice. If she loves emeralds or rubies, why not use them to create the perfect engagement ring? Some girls prefer sapphires, while others are in love with jade. If you want to move away from tradition, why not?

You can have an engagement ring made without ever meeting the jeweller

It might surprise you to learn that you can commission a custom-made engagement ring and the entire process can be carried out without meeting the jeweller face to face. Thanks to real-time video calls, you and the jeweller can have discussions about the design and other aspects of the ring. When the project is complete, you can have the ring sent by special courier.

If you are anxious about the whole process of acquiring the right engagement ring, talk to a custom jeweller and see what they have to say. Of course, if the proposal is going to be a surprise, then she won’t have a hand in the ring design, whereas if she knows, then she can help with the ring design.


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