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Milton Group is…

First of all, Milton Group is diversity. Here are modern lamps and suspended ceilings to enhance both the look and durability of your home’s interior design. Cassette, slatted, slatted cube-shaped, popular Armstrong and Grilyato … the choice of suspended ceiling systems is wide, so everyone can find their own special ceiling here. More than 20 types of lamps from Milton Group (LED, with opal dispersion in a metal frame, etc.) illuminate easily even the darkest corners of the darkest rooms.

Secondly, it would be a crime not to note the versatility of the products from Milton Group. After all, earlier we focused on the harmonious combination of our products with the walls of your home, but, in addition, ceilings and lamps of  Milton Group also perfectly decorate various public and private organizations. Restaurants, kindergartens, schools, offices, shops, hospitals – we can easily provide good lighting for all these and any other buildings with ceilings that visually lengthen the rooms. In addition, at very competitive prices and with exceptional quality! Since the comfort and beauty of your interior design is number 1 on the list of our priorities.

Thirdly, suspended ceilings from Milton Group are easy for both you and builders who will install or change them. With experience and the necessary equipment you can even install a suspended ceiling system yourself, fix drywall sheets, and so on. A huge plus is that such designs are easy for wet cleaning, so they are suitable even for rooms with a high concentration of moisture, for example, for a bathroom.

What does Milton Group guarantee you?

After reading the reviews of our regular customers, you probably noticed that Milton Group team provides services for various organizations. This is explained in a very prosaic way: we love our clients, try to find an individual approach for everyone we deal with. There is a misconception that to meet client’s needs is a difficult task,  however, it is indeed not so easy.

Milton Group follows these concepts to do their job diligently and conscientiously:

1. Customer focus. The philosophy of our company is to help each client choose the product that best suits his goals and interests. We strongly recommend that you contact our managers before placing an order. After all, only professionals in their field work in Milton Group, who are happy to explain to customers  features of using all the presented products.

2. Control. Before send goods to the warehouse, we check all types and brands of suspended ceilings for the following characteristics: lighting (structures should allow daylight to go through the coating or have built-in light sources); sound absorption and sound insulation (indispensable options so as not to disturb the neighbors and not suffer from noise in their apartment); fire protection and ventilation (products must ensure safety for you and your loved ones); beauty (after all, without it, nowhere – it saves the world!).

3. Quality. Our simple concept is completed by the main criterion for choosing suspended ceilings and lighting. And by quality, we don’t just mean the excellent materials used to make ceiling systems and fixtures. Quality for the Milton Group is also communication with the client, the right recommendations and the desire to help the buyer in any circumstances and difficulties. After all, as we have already said, a happy client for Milton Group is the most important indicator ofour success, which we strive for incessantly, persistently and with incredible pleasure!

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