5 Keto Diet Snacks That Won’t Break Your Diet

You don’t want to get kicked out of ketosis but a simple mistake. One of the easiest times to get kicked out of your beloved ketosis is at snack time. There are so many snack times and so many opportunities to fail, but if you know what snacks are good for your keto lifestyle, you will be able to stay away from the bad and full up on the good.

  1. Beef Jerky

Who doesn’t love some delicious beef jerky? Being able to eat beef jerky on a diet isn’t a dream, but you do need to make sure that you choose an option that is no carb or very low carb with minimal added ingredients. If you see the ingredients and there are added sugars, you should stay away since this would up your carb content.

Manufacturers often add sugar because it makes the jerky look bigger and makes it heavier. This means that you are going to get what looks like more jerky, but in fact you are only getting more carbs in the sugar that they added. Paying attention to the packaging and the ingredient label can save you big time on choosing the wrong type of beef jerky for a keto diet.

  1. Keto Cookies

If you are craving a chocolate chip cookie, it is easy to get to the point where it feel like it would be worth it to go ahead with just one little cookie but it could majorly damage your ketosis. Besides for that fact that most people are not able to eat just one cookie, you have to think of weather or not it is worth the consumption or not.

A better option is keto cookies. Keto cookies are cookies can you love but without all of the things that are going to knock you out of your ketogenic state. You can find different flavors that will be able to soothe even the worst graving that is coming over you. Whether you want chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter or the world renowned snickerdoodle.

The money that you spend on a good keto cookie can save you money on your health due to eating unhealthy snacks that you know you shouldn’t but your will power just couldn’t keep you away from.

  1. Nut Butters, Nuts or Seeds

Look out for high in carb nuts like cashews, pistachios and peanuts but go for things like almonds, macadamia nuts as well as seeds like flaxseed and chia. If you are looking for a good blend of nuts you might consider Nuttzo. While you might be tempted to pick up one of the other spreads that you see the smiling mom advertising on television, you know that is not keto friendly and even if you buy it for your kids, if it is in the house, you may go for it.

Fixing little snack bags so that you can have them for emergencies is helpful. Instead of being caught out on the road hungry with no keto-friendly snacks by a local donut shop, you can whip out a zipper bag that has your favorite healthy snack so you can stay in ketosis and continue to shed unwanted pounds.

  1. Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed snacks are great for giving you something to eat at snack time, but this is another food that you need to check for added ingredients that could be hiding extra carbs. Look at the flavors and check for oils that might be in the product as well.

Why not make some keto sushi with your seaweed? There are plenty of recipes that you can find that will incorporate seaweed. Sushi is usually a favorite since it is delicious and also filling. Don’t worry, there is no rice in keto sushi. Instead, you use cauliflower to get the rice like effect.

  1. Canned Sardines

If you don’t feel like preparing a complicated keto snack or if you want to be able to have something you can just pull out and eat, you should check out sardines. Sardines aren’t as creepy as you might have thought with their little heads and eyes staring at you when you open up the can. Most of the sardines you are going to eat are packaged in oil and they do not have their heads. If you aren’t into plain sardines you can also get sardines that have seasonings.

This is an inexpensive and quick snack that you can put into your bag but make sure that you bring a toothbrush along or you might feel and smell a little fishy. You can even put the sardines in between some leafy greens if you want to make a sardine sandwich so you aren’t thinking about eating fish right out of the can.


There are many different keto-friendly snacks that you can look into so make sure you don’t get discouraged when you are first starting. You may want to make a list of your favorite snacks that you are craving so you can find similar options that will work for you as you are revamping your snacking plan.

You can usually substitute your favorite ingredients for something that is more healthy which gives you’re the feeling that you aren’t missing out but you are going to be able to stay in ketosis and continue your healthy lifestyle with your keto diet.

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