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Learning games can help students improve academically. Of course, what better way to learn than having fun? These educational games are fun to play. But they can help students to understand complex mathematical problems and develop soft skills, such as problem-solving, and communication skills, which are vital for success in the real world. Putting the copywriters needed advert aside; below are great educational games for children of any age. Check them out.

1. Ninja Math

To many students, math will forever remain boring. That’s why most of them run away from their math homework sometimes. The feel math is for few students considered to be geniuses. The best thing to do in this regard is to remove the dull part of mathematics. In other words, you can introduce a game or something that children adore to explain complicated mathematical concepts.

However, Ninja Math is a perfect match. It can help to motivate children and make doing math homework fun. Children love ninjas; there is no doubt about that. And, introducing boring math subjects such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, in a game of ninjas will cause them to develop more interest.

2. Scribble Naughts

If you have kids within 8 – 11 years of age, then Scribble Naughts would be an ideal game for them. It’s a well-built media creation game that will help your kids to develop their imagination and creative skills in no time.

Scribble Naughts exposes children to imaginative scenarios, which can develop their creative problem solving abilities in the long run. The imaginative scenarios in question involve spelling, logic, and creativity.

3. SimCity

SimCity is one of the educational games capable of testing and developing the brains of children of all age group. The education-friendly version is called the SimCity EDU. And the exciting thing about this game is that it cut across various areas such as engineering, technology, mathematics, and science.

The main task is to create virtual cities. That’s what kids are required to do. But in the process, they will learn what urban planning, socio-economic development, and environmental management entail. The game develops thinking the style of kids and helps them to realize how specific action can affect a bigger system. This game will also build decision-making skills of children.

4. Dragon Box

Dragon Box is one of the promising educational games out there. It’s an exciting game that can help children to develop interest and knowledge in subjects like algebra. With this game, children will no longer have to solve equations without understanding the main concept. It makes everything simple and understandable.

Dragon Box is quite engaging and makes solving equations enjoyable and straightforward. It uses visual elements to represent ideas centered on balancing the two sides of a closed system.

5. Code Spells

This game is fun and engaging. Plus it features a highly marketable skill that developing at a young age will be a remarkable achievement for children. The player has to assist gnome characters to perform specific tasks by making use of magic. But the point is, the spells used needs to be written in Java code.

However, the only drawback this game has is the duration; it’s quite short. Otherwise, it is engaging and can help students develop useful knowledge and desire for programming.


According to my essay writing, the use of educational games can help students develop an interest in learning and understanding of difficult subjects or concepts. Educational games are mostly designed to assist in different academic areas and can offer parents and teachers the chance to help children develop useful skills and knowledge. So, if you are looking for an effective educational game for your kids, these games should be on your list.

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