4 Tips For Preparing For Giving Birth

There may be a lot of anticipation and uncertainty surrounding your upcoming birth, especially if it’s your first child. Although nothing can prepare you for the moment like the experience itself, there are things you can do to help yourself feel more ready.

It helps to know some essential tips so that when the time comes, you know a little bit more about what to expect. Here are some of the best tips for preparing for your birth!

Take a Childbirth Class

If you’ve never had a child before it helps to take a class. Not only can classes be a great way to learn about some basic birthing techniques, but you will feel a sense of comfort seeing other parents in the same situation as you.

Why arrive at the hospital without any idea of what you’re doing, or fear that something could go wrong with the birth when you could take a class? Once labor begins, you’ll feel a lot less anxiety and confusion about giving birth.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

Since you never know when you can go into labor after a certain point in your third trimester, most experts recommend packing a hospital bag to grab in a hurry.

At about week 35, pack everything that you may need should you have to run to the hospital in a rush. Waiting until you’re in labor to pack your hospital bag is a disaster waiting to happen. When labor pains start, the last thing on your mind will be remembering to pack extra-thick pads or chapstick.

Start Nesting

Most women find that they start feeling the urge to create a “nest” for the arriving baby. You may begin to frantically clean or organize things that never bothered you before. You may decide to repaint your living room on a whim.

These are very common and natural instincts that you should follow through with! As long as whatever you’re doing is safe for the baby, it can be a great way to feel more prepared for parenthood.

Prepare a Playlist

Music can be a great coping tool for labor. Try to create a few playlists so that you can bring them with you to the hospital. Chances are that you’ll be happy that you have them when the time comes!

Unfortunately, movies make childbirth seem much scarier than it is. Although it’s certainly no walk in the park, it’s an experience that can make you a lot stronger. You’ll find strength inside yourself that you never even imagined was there.

By learning the best ways to prepare and educating yourself on what to expect, you can make your birth experience as positive as possible.

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