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Sibanthracite Group is ranked first in the production and export of UHG anthracite throughout the world and is the largest producer of metallurgical coal at the domestic level. Sibanthracite Group is one of the most dynamically developing coal companies in Russia. The coal production amounted to 6 million tonnes in 2014, and 24.1 million tonnes in 2018.   The coal trade continues to grow, driven by the increasing need for materials by India and Southeast Asia. A recent Argus White Paper recently laid out what has occurred in the coal

While you might feel lucky when you narrowly avoid being in a car accident, many people around the world aren’t so lucky. So when you’re one of the people who’s been able to avoid a car accident but have seen the accident take place, you may feel some responsibility to stop and help those who’ve had a worse fate than you. To help you know what you can and should do in a situation like this, here are three things to do if you witness a car accident. Make Sure

Any time that you go see a doctor for a medical condition, you expect that you’re in good hands. Not only do doctors cost a significant amount of money, but you’re putting your trust into their hands. The last thing that you expect as a patient is a doctor making a mistake that could be fatal. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen. In some cases, people are able to seek compensation for the mistakes, and in other cases, they are forced to live with the errors of their healthcare professional

There are many reasons why homeowners should reduce energy use in their home. Not only does it reduce your utility bills, but it also is better for the environment. The less power we use, the less we are reliant on non-sustainable sources of energy. Fortunately, many of the ways we can reduce our energy use involve developing good habits. A few selective, strategic investments are worthwhile. Here are some things you can do to slow down that electric meter. Programmable Thermostats With a programmable thermostat, you can preset the temperature

  Even if you run a small- to medium-sized business enterprise, you have various needs when it comes to a strong and robust IT network. IT has become invaluable to any modern business, and if you would like to run your operations as smoothly as possible, then you need proper IT connectivity as well as proper data management, cybersecurity, managed hosting and DNS services, etc. The good news is that more enterprises today are relying on managed IT services to provide them with precisely what they require when it comes

Have you ever dreamt of lounging in your own sunroom with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate in winter? Or perhaps flipping through a magazine with a cold mojito to kick off your weekend? Creating a special place of your own to decorate and spend your time in is easier than you may think. Adding a sunroom onto your existing property can be the exciting DIY project you have been waiting for. What to Consider Before Building Your Sunroom Depending on what type of sunroom you will

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