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Are you looking to move to an area and it includes becoming part of a Homeowners Association? You may never have been involved in a HOA before and you are not too sure what to expect? Have you tried looking for a HOA’s Near Me, this may give you a bit of insight in to what is involved in a HOA and how you can help. What is a Homeowners Association? Homeowners associations are formed by communities with single-family homes or multiple-unit buildings, such as condominiums. As the name implies,

My buddy Marc Leder and I were absolutely stunned today when we read the news that Manchester City have been punished by UEFA for breaching financial fair play rules. The initial punishment for Man City is that they will have to pay a €30 million fine and that they will be banned from the Champions League for 2 years. This is a monumental decision that UEFA have taken, and one that we have never seen before. Manchester City are going to appear this punishment of course, but Marc and I

Roger Wolfson has written speeches for presidential candidates, Senators, members of Congress and Governors. He also worked with former Senators Kerry, Liberman, Wellstone and Ted Kenney as a senate aide. Roger Wolfson gave this speech to honor a friend of his who died in the Twin Towers. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “There are no bystanders.” She meant that when an act of horror occurs, no one is innocent, because those who had the power to prevent the atrocity failed to act in time. But before we decide what our leaders

Based upon their gentle personalities and plant-based eating habits, deer are generally not perceived as a threatening type of animal. However, Zietchick Research Institute wants to make us aware that deer are actually one of the most dangerous mammals to mankind. The reason for this is that deer frequently dart in front of cars, causing numerous crashes; many of these are associated with serious injury or fatality to the driver or passengers. According to Michigan State Police, about 50,000 automobile accidents are caused by deer each year in Michigan. The

Changing the traditional face of credit card rewards programs is no small task – one company found the perfect place to bring their vision to life When Rasha Katabi first had his vision for shattering the existing paradigms around credit card rewards programs, he knew that thinking globally was the only way to bring his vision to life. When he founded Brim Financial in 2015, he knew how important it was for the company to live, breathe and think internationally from its earliest days of inception. That’s why he chose

Many people decide to get breast implants without considering everything beforehand. Since it’s a serious surgery, it’s critical to know what you’re in for before going under the knife without knowing all the facts. Beyond doing research on your own, you should also ask your surgeon plenty of questions so that you have answers to your questions. You may find that you’re uncertain about several things surrounding the procedure, so it’s helpful to be as informed as possible in order to make the process easier. Here are some of the

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