Travel Without Worry: 5 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation


When you’re headed out of town on vacation, the last thing you want to do is spend your travel time stressing about your home’s safety. After all, aren’t vacations meant for relaxing?

But, just because you’re taking some time off, doesn’t mean that nearby criminals will follow suit.

According to the FBI’s crime statistics, 2.1 million homes are affected by burglary each year. And, most of these occur during the hours that a home is least likely to be occupied.

If you want to be able to enjoy peace of mind during your next trip, check out these 5 ways to protect your home while you’re away!

5 Ways to Protect Your Home so You Can Rest Easy While You’re on Vacation

What’s a vacation worth if you spend it worrying about break-ins or vandals striking while you’re gone?

You can put your mind to ease with these 5 tips for protecting your home during while you travel.

1. Resist Sharing on Social Media

If you aren’t guilty of doing it yourself, then you’ve probably witnessed it done by someone else.

Vacations tend to be a prime time for posting pics and status updates on social media. And, what better time to strike a pose for your next profile pic than when you’re glowing and relaxed on a faraway beach? 

But, before you hit the share button, you might want to think twice. When you share your travel photos on social media, you’re also alerting the world that you’re away from home. Unfortunately, this includes any potential robbers that might be lurking on your social page.

Instead, wait until you return to post your trip’s highlights.

2. Keep the Light On

Criminals tend to be wary of homes that are well-lit.

In one Dutch study, robberies decreased when home dwellers installed motion sensor lighting or turned on outside lights around entryways.

Consider lighting that is controlled by a timer or is responsive to movement to lure robbers away.

3. Take Common-Sense Precautions

Since robbers are less likely to attack when you’re either home or expected to be at home, it’s best not to raise any red flags.

Common-sense precautions, such as arranging for the postal service to hold your mail, can go a long way.

Try to minimize obvious signs that you won’t be around, and you might deter unwanted visitors while you’re gone. 

4. Install an Alarm System

An investigative study revealed that 83% of burglars would try to determine if a home had an alarm system before attempting a burglary. And, 60% said that they would choose an alternate target if the property had an alarm on-site.

Installing an alarm system or upgrading your home’s security is a sure way to keep robbers at bay.

Modern home security systems offer alarms, wireless monitoring, and more. Take a look at ADT Equipment for the latest in home security technology.

5. Enlist the Help of Friends & Neighbors

It helps to have friends close by to keep an eye on things while you’re not home.

Before you leave, be sure to tell trusted neighbors of your plans. They’ll know to watch out for suspicious activity. And, they may be able to dissuade intruders by reporting any strange sightings to local authorities.

Want to Stay Safe When Traveling?

Not only should you protect your home while you’re away, but it’s important to play it safe while you’re traveling, too.

Tourists tend to become targets when they let their guard down in an unfamiliar destination. Women who travel solo can be especially vulnerable when visiting unknown territories.

Want to know how you can stay safe while you’re out touring the world?

Check out these safety tips for solo travelers before you take your next trip!

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