Need Some Extra Room? Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Steel Garage to Your Home


Here in the U.S., the production of domestic raw steel reached 1,922,000 net tons for the week that ended on January 26, 2019. That is a 12% increase over last year. The steel industry is booming!

This might be good news for anyone thinking about adding steel garages to their property.

Have you heard about steel garage buildings? Prefabricated garage kits? How about garage building kits? 

Whether you are looking for a place to store equipment, a swanky sports car or your holiday decorations, you may want to consider adding a steel garage to your property. Let’s look at the top 5 benefits of making such an investment. 

5 Benefits of Adding a Steel Garage to Your Home

Do you often think of steel as a product used exclusively in commercial buildings? Steel can be used for a number of things from a she-shed to a pool house. What makes this construction material such a great choice?

1. Extremely Durable

Steel can withstand the greatest threats to any standing structure. Strong winds, heavy rain or snow, large hail, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes are no match for a steel building. 

Steel Garage Kits will endure a weather beating and can also withstand the test of time. Steel buildings will look like new for many years to come. 

Adding the fact that steel buildings are non-combustible will help you sleep easier at night. This is the perfect material in which to store your valuables. 

2. More Affordable

Building with steel is much more affordable. Steel costs far less than concrete, brick or lumber. 

Prefabricated garage kits allow the building construction to go on without delays because everything is ready to go from the start. No delays = less expense. 

Homeowner’s insurance costs will also be lower because the building’s value will be less than buildings built with other materials.

3. Assembly is a Breeze

Once your slab is prepared, a steel garage kit can be installed in no time. A garage built with traditional materials can take a couple of months on the contrary. 

Bring in a prefab steel kit and a few friends and you can have it assembled in a day! 

4. Easy to Maintain

No roof shingles, cracks in the stucco, or wood rot to worry you. Steel buildings are virtually maintenance free. 

Simply washing down with a house or power washer from time to time will keep it looking great for years. 

5. Energy Efficient

Whether you prefer spray insulation or fiberglass insulation, steel buildings allow for very good insulation when compared to their more traditional counterpart. 

Because there are very few leaks or spaces, the heating and cooling systems work much more efficiently, keeping costs down as well. 

Making Changes to Your Home

You’ve just learned the benefits of choosing a steel garage to add space or storage to your home. We here at SweetCaptcha are here to help you with any changes in your life. Visit us for advice on anything from being successful in your career to tips on traveling on a budget. 


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