Seed Germination vs Vegetative Growth: What Your Plant Needs and When


Plants go through some incredible growth cycles during their lifetime.

Plants begin in the form of a dormant seed, waiting for its moment to shine. When ready, the plant undergoes seed germination. It will then continue stationary journey until ready to bear the fruits of its labor.

Keep reading for more information on plant growth, from germination to vegetation and beyond!

Seed Germination

This is the spawning, fetal stage in the plant growth cycle.

Plants will remain dormant in their seed form until the right conditions are met for germination.

The key components for germination are:

  • Nutrients, usually found available in soil but plants can be pretty flexible with their source
  • Sunlight, or artificial light if it provides enough UV rays on the spectrum
  • Water, necessary for the seedling and plant to create food through photosynthesis

Once these conditions are met, the plant will begin sprouting.

First, a root will shoot out to absorb nutrients from the soil and provide stability. Then, a stalk will appear to support the leaves it will grow to absorb as much light as possible. This process can take anywhere between a day up to a week, depending on the species of plant.

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Vegetative Growth

This is like puberty for the plant.

Like all younglings, the plant is most susceptible to disease and illness during this stage. Too much water or light can easily damage the seedling, as well.

During this stage, the plant is busy carrying out photosynthesis. This a process in which the plant absorbs energy from light and water from the soil. It then uses these two sources to break down carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere to create nourishment for itself. 

The plant will continue this stage of growing and fortifying until it reaches adulthood.

Flowering Fruits

Now that the plant has fully matured, it’s time to reproduce!

Different species of plants reproduce in their own, unique ways. But the general gist is that male plants create pollen, and females develop pistils to “catch” this pollen and use it to create new seeds.

How this fruit manifests depends on the evolution of the species. Some plants produce —either in the form of an attractive flower, a vegetable, or an actual fruit. Humans have learned to cultivate and harvest these fruits for their own uses

When you grow your own plants, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, too!

Get Growing Now!

That’s all you need to know about seed germination, vegetation, and flowering!

It’s time to get your green thumb out and put your knowledge to the test. Whatever plant you wish to grow, follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way

Leave a comment below with any questions you might still have, and we’ll get back to you ASAP! And if you have any tips you’d like to share, please do.

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