Do I Have a Problem? 5 Signs You Need to Go to Drug Rehab


Drug use in the United States has become a chronic issue. In 2013 it was estimated as many as 24.6 million people used illicit and illegal drugs. That number has only gone up in the past six years. 

So if you’re falling down the rabbit hole of addiction, what do you do? What are the signs of addiction that you may be exhibiting? Is there a way to quit safely? Is there somewhere you can go to unlearn unhealthy habits?

What many intervention coordinators are going to say is: Go to drug rehab. Keep reading to find out just why you should consider this option. 

1. You Start Craving the Drug

One of the first and scariest signs of drug addiction is when you start craving the drug. 

If you start depending on a narcotic that you no longer need, this may be a sign of a worsening addiction. Cravings can manifest when you spend all of your free time thinking about the drug. 

2. You Are Unable to Stop Taking It 

Cravings can move into you constantly taking the drug you’re invested in. If you’re building your schedule around your next hit or your next pill, it may be time to consider going to drug rehab

If you begin physically relying on the drug, your addiction may be becoming dangerous to your health. Seeking help when your cravings become controlling will help you in the long run. 

3. Your Friendships Begin to Change 

Drug addiction can start impacting your social life too. If your friendships are beginning to change and revolve around drugs, that may be a sign that your addiction has moved to the next level. 

If you’re pushing your old friends away and seeking out new people who may be supporting your drug habit, it’s time to get help

4. Your Finances Start to Suffer 

Drugs can be expensive. 

Money may become tight if you’re spending more and more on your drug habit. Being held to a drug and the dealer’s can hurt your finances irreparably. You may find yourself spending more on drugs than food or the roof over your head. 

If your spending habits worsen because of your addiction, reach out for help. 

5. You Begin to Isolate Yourself

Drug habits are lonely, depressing lifestyle choices. 

Pushing away the people who love and care for you can make you feel like you’re truly a lone wolf. If you’re spending more time shooting up alone, then you may be isolating yourself from a world and friends who love you. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out. 

True friends and family will try to help you. And they may have already been trying to help you. Isolation is not the answer. Asking for help is. 

If You Start Slipping, Go to Drug Rehab 

Getting help is nothing to be ashamed of. 

We all have our vices. We all have things we can’t fight. But fighting doesn’t have to be done alone. If you’re afraid of your addiction and the road it’s taking you on, it may be time to go to rehab. 

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