Pamper Your Pets: 12 Easy Ways to Spoil Your Pooch Without Breaking the Bank

pamper your pets

12 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Pets Without Going Broke

pamper your pets

For many of us, our dogs are family and we love to spoil them. Here are twelve of the easiest ways for you to pamper your pets without going broke.

Dogs are our best friends. In fact, a new study has found that many humans love dogs more than other humans.

And when we love our furry friends that much, you want to do everything you can to pamper your pets. Yet most of us need to be able to do it on a budget.

So what are the tricks to giving our dogs everything they deserve without breaking the bank?

Let’s look at 12 easy ways we can spoil your pooches that are budget-friendly.

1. Get a Cozy Bed

Dogs who play hard nap hard. So why not make that nap feel like luxury?

You know your dog’s sleeping preferences, so personalize the experience for them.

Pile up fluffy blankets on their favorite spot on the couch. Get an elevated cot. Go all out with an orthopedic pillow or Tempur-Pedic dog bed.

Or what about a beanbag bed? They are waterproof dog beds your pooch is sure to love.

2. Long Car Rides

Dogs love things as simple as a car ride. What we consider an ordinary task, they see as an adventure.

So take them out on the town! Drive different routes to mix it up and give them a change of scenery.

Open the car windows enough for them to stick their heads out. The wind will feel like freedom. And you’ll love seeing them so happy.

3. Lots of Love and Snuggles

One of the most important things you can give your dog is your time and attention. All they want is your love!

So shower them with hugs and cuddles. Take time out of each day to pet them. Get down on the floor to their level and talk to them.

They’ll eat up all the one-on-one attention.

4. Day at the Dog Park

What dog doesn’t love to run free and play? Take them to the park for an afternoon of fun!

Look for local dog parks in your area. Many of them have things such as a fountain your dog can play in, play structures for them to run through, and of course other dogs for them to play with.

5. Schedule a Doggie Massage

For humans, the ultimate in pampering is a massage. And why should it be any different for dogs?

You can either hire a doggie massage therapist or learn some techniques yourself.

Your dog will love the pampering after a long day of playing. Or if your dog is older and suffers from arthritis, it can help relieve their symptoms and make them feel better.

6. New Toys

Your dog loves to play. So change up the fun for them with new toys!

If there’s a pet supply store you can take them in with you, even better. They’ll love going in to pick out their new treasure with you.

Or why not try making DIY toys at home? There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. That way, you can personalize the toys to your dog as much as you like!

7. Homemade Treats

There are few things that make a dog happy as much as eating. So bake them up a batch of their favorite treats!

Find specialized recipes for dogs. You want to make sure all the ingredients are pet-friendly.

Or make them a home-cooked meal. On their birthday or on holidays, serving them a pet-friendly plate of their favorite human food will send them over the moon.

8. Doggie Pool

Nothing feels as good on a hot day as a dip in a pool. And your dog would agree.

If you don’t have a full-sized pool for them to swim in, head down to your neighborhood store and pick up a plastic kiddie pool. Your dog would love their own pool to splash around in.

And if you can’t get a kiddie pool, running through a sprinkler or playing with the garden hose is just as fun and refreshing.

9. Backyard Paradise

For a dog who spends a lot of time in the backyard, they need space to call their own. And it should pamper them on the daily.

Insulated dog houses will keep them comfortable and out of the elements. They can have heaters or come equipped with built-in cooling beds.

Also, perks such as self-filling water bowls and dig zones will pamper your pooch. And when they’re ready to come back inside, an installed doggie door will allow them to easily come and go.

10. Schedule Activities

No one knows what your dog enjoys doing like you do. So use that knowledge to your advantage and plan special activities for them according to their hobbies!

Does your dog enjoy the outdoors? Take them out on some hiking trails or simply a walk around different parts of town.

Do they enjoy the water? A trip to a local lake or beach would be loads of fun for them.

No matter what they enjoy doing, there are activities especially for them.

11. Doggie Dining Out

Next time you decide to go out for dinner, take your dog out with you!

There are lots of restaurants with outdoor dining that allow dogs. And most of those have a specialized pet menu where you can order your dog their own meal and bowl of water.

Or if there isn’t any place like that in your area, take your dog out for a picnic! Pack a lunch for both of you and make a day of it at your favorite outdoor spot.

12. Take Your Dog to Work

Being at home all day by themselves while you’re at work is hard on your dog. They simply miss you.

If you work at a place that allows you to bring dogs into the office, take Fido with you! Not only will they love spending extra time with you, they’ll love all the extra attention from your co-workers.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive to Pamper Your Pets

One of the many things that make dogs great is their love of anything we do for them. So you don’t have to break the bank to pamper your pets. Making a simple effort to do the things they love is all you need.

And now that your pooch is all pampered, it’s time to pamper yourself! Check out these 5 self-care tips that are perfect for busy people.


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