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Starting a business is a daunting prospect, especially if you’re in the initial stages of figuring out what kind of business to launch. There are so many options and decisions to be made, it’s hard to know where to start! Here are five business startup solutions that you might not have considered yet, but will make your life so much easier once you get started on them.

1) Build relationships

The most important part of starting a new business is to build relationships with people that can help you. The more connections you have, the more likely it is that your idea will be successful. Networking is a great way to meet new contacts and start developing valuable relationships. If you don’t know where to start, make some time for coffee dates and join professional organizations in your field. For example startup accelerator Toronto resources like Venture Mentors Canada offers services such as coaching, mentorship, workspace, and community support all free of charge. These resources can also provide you with invaluable information about how to market your business or develop relationships that could change your life.

2) Commit to your business

Commit to your business by committing time, money, and resources. Believe in what you’re selling and don’t give up when the going gets tough. There will be times when nothing seems to go right but that’s because it’s usually during these times that something even better is on the horizon. Keep at it until you’ve reached your goal or have achieved a significant milestone, no matter how long it takes. It won’t always be easy, so take comfort in knowing that hard work eventually pays off.

3) Define your role

Defining your role is an important part of the startup process. Many entrepreneurs focus on marketing, finance, and product development. It’s important to spend time defining what you’re going to do. Ask yourself What are my strengths? and What are my weaknesses? The more you know about your own strengths and weaknesses, the better you’ll be able to make decisions that will help you succeed. For example, if you find out that you don’t enjoy accounting but have a knack for product design or public speaking, it makes sense for you to partner with someone who has the skills in those areas.

4) Create a marketing plan

If you want to reach your target market, you need to understand who they are and what they need. This starts with marketing research. Researching the demographics of your target audience, their lifestyles and habits will help you figure out how to market your product or service to them. The more time and effort you put into this step, the better chance of success you have. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in these areas, there are a number of online resources that can teach you the basics and get you started on developing a marketing plan for your business.

5) Stay focused on your goals

In the hustle and bustle of starting your own business, it’s easy to get caught up in all the day-to-day tasks. Set goals for yourself and make sure you take time to focus on them. Knowing what your business is aiming for will help keep you focused on what’s important. It may be helpful to create a timeline for yourself with specific deadlines for when each goal needs to be met. The best international freight forwarding will be able to help you keep your timelines.


Some of the best ideas are born from necessity, or a need to solve an issue. Starting a business can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. The above five solutions provide you with all the tools and resources you need to get your startup off the ground quickly and efficiently.


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