CRM Tips From Business Experts

CRM tips from business experts

CRM tips from business experts

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides a way to improve your relationships with customers and prospects, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need help from third parties. In reality, however, you can likely make the most of your CRM system by using the wisdom of business experts who have been down this road before. Here are five CRM Tips from business experts.

1) Ask people for feedback after-sales

What’s the best way to get feedback from your customers? One of the most effective ways is to ask them after they’ve made a purchase. It allows you to get their thoughts on your product or service and helps you understand what they like and don’t like about it. Plus, it can lead to more sales because if you find out that they are unhappy with something, you can offer them a solution and offer them other products or services. For example, if you are selling the best celery juice and one person said they didn’t like it but liked the best carrots juice, then offer them a sample of both juices so that they can taste for themselves which one suits them better.

2) Always respond within 24 hours

Always respond within 24 hours. When customers feel like they have to reach out, again and again, to get their questions answered, they will lose interest in your company. If you’re having a busy day or know that you won’t be able to answer emails for a few days, make sure to let them know so they don’t start feeling ignored. It’s best to respond with the information they need as soon as possible. As a follow-up email, check back the next day if no response has been received. You want people to feel like there is someone on the other end. You want them to see that other people are interested in what they’re saying.

3) Send personalized thank you notes

Thank you notes are a simple, yet effective way to strengthen relationships with your customers. This is also an easy opportunity to gather feedback on how your business could improve and what your clients enjoy most about your company. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of hearing a thank you in person. Make sure to ask for their contact information when giving them a note so that you can reach out later for feedback or future sales opportunities. For example, best zoho consulting experts would suggest asking your client if they want to be contacted again in the future, as well as asking if there was anything that you did wrong and how they would fix it.

4) Do more than offer service after sales; provide real support

It’s important to not just provide service after the sale. Providing real support will make you stand out and build goodwill with your customers. This can be as simple as following up after purchase or sending a customer an email asking how they are liking their new product. The point is, never stop providing value to your customer; it doesn’t matter if you made the sale days ago. Make sure that you’re still there for them, offering assistance and answering any questions they might have. The bottom line: when your customers know that they can rely on you at any time of day or night, they’ll trust you more than any other competitor.

5) Learn from your customers’ needs

Include your customers in the conversation by asking them questions and taking their feedback. By figuring out what they need, you can make sure that your business is meeting their needs. This will also help you figure out the best way to reach them. You want to find a balance between being approachable but not overeager; remember, it’s not all about you.


The future of a business is based on making the right decisions now. One of these decisions includes the implementation of a CRM system. The tips mentioned in this blog post will not only help you get started but also maximize your ROI for years to come.


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