Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman on What Meteorologists Actually Do?

From time to time we see people doing jobs that beg the question ‘what do they actually do?’ One such job is that of a meteorologist, those who specialise in weather and understand all aspects of what is going on in the sky, and what will change the current weather conditions.

Whilst most of us are exposed to meteorologists by way of our local weatherman or weatherwoman, who give us the daily and weekly outlook on our news channels, there is much more to the position than pointing out weather changes on a digital map. Let’s take a look at what exactly is a meteorologist, and what they do in their daily jobs.

What Do They Do?

Meteorologists are actually scientists who study, and specialise in the branch of science that deals with the Earth’s atmosphere. These men and women will focus on the scientific principles which they can use to predict how the weather will change, why it has changed and what causes and impacts are taking place, that dictate the changing weather conditions. The crux of the matter is that most meteorologists dedicate themselves to the forecasting of weather, with some instead looking into wide issue of what is impacting the changing weather conditions.

Different Types

There are many different types of meteorologists, and areas of meteorology which people will focus on, let’s take a look at some of them.  

– Broadcast Meteorologist

These are the men and women who work for TV, radio or the internet, to bring the public their weather forecast. People like Jim Byrne KCOY weatherman are depended upon by many in Santa Maria, to update them on weather conditions so that they can make plans, this is important for the public throughout the world.

– Forensic Meteorologist  

Usually will work with insurance company or a court of law, to provide meteorological data.

– Operational Meteorologist

The study of wind speed and temperature, humidity and air pressure.

Environmental Meteorologist

Working in line with wider global issues such as climate change, studying and investigating how we can reduce problems such as air pollution, and the erosion of the O-zone layer.

Synoptic Meteorologist

Those who focus on the synoptics of weather, are the people who engineer, design and create new tools and instruments, to allow us to better understand the weather conditions. This area of technology is moving at an alarming rate and the improvements in how accurately we can predict the weather have been nothing short of astonishing.


Whether working for a private company or the government, meteorologists provide a vitally important service which not only helps us to understand what will be happening with the upcoming weather conditions, but also a wider world view. The work that is taking place to tackle climate change for example, is being carried out by some of the world’s top meteorologists, who are seeking to provide a better future for the planet.

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