Honest Review of Aquatica Solo Freestanding Stone Lavatory

We are entrepreneurs from Chicago and recently decided to open our own business, namely a chain of fashionable coffee shops. I did the design, and I chose a minimalist style, so that it would be stylish, but at the same time cozy. It wasn’t difficult to furnish the cafeteria itself, but when it came to the toilet, we started having problems finding the right bathroom fittings and furniture. But luckily we came across an Aquatica store, which has just a chic selection of commercial bathroom sink. Go to their site and check it out yourself!

Why Did We Choose a Sink Made of Stone?

Sanitary sinks made of natural stone are distinguished by the fact that they look expensive, stylish, they are durable and unpretentious in service. Such sinks are carved from large pieces or combined from several parts. Onyx, granite, volcanic stone, soapstone, and marble are considered the best materials for bathroom furniture. By the way, Aquatica Solo Freestanding Stone Lavatory is made of volcanic stone by a special technology AquateX™. Believe me, it looks very cool!

The advantages of sinks made of natural stone include:

– greater strength and as a consequence, durability;

– high-temperature resistance;

– it retains the original appearance, always like new;

– high functionality;

– environmentally friendly material;

– the richness of texture;

– it is cool and chic.

Why Choose Aquatica Solo Freestanding Stone Lavatory?

Our heart was won by the design of the sink and the fact that it stands alone, that is, it is not attached anywhere. Its unique shape measures 20.75 L x 20.75 W x 35.75 H and its weight is 55 lbs.

It’s impossible not to mention the variety of color solutions, it’s just amazing! Since the toilets in our cafés were made in calm beige tones, we were looking for a sink in chocolate. And you won’t believe it, Aquatica USA has exactly the color we thought of and were looking for. Isn’t that a coincidence? In general, the stars aligned exactly on the Aquatica Solo Freestanding Stone Lavatory, and we do not regret it. P.S. It has a 5-year warranty.


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