A Complete Guide About Those Annoying Skin Tags

There are different types of skin issues people have on their bodies. However, one of the most annoying and visually unpleasant skin issues is skin tags. It really turns people off and looks weird and awful

What Is a Skin Tag?

Skin tags actually are small skin growths that look like tumors. They are attached to our bodies by a stalk or a peduncle and generally are seen on various parts of the body such as chest, back, neck, forehead underarms and eyelids.

When you cannot cover them with your clothes, they become really irritating as people will easily see them and become judgmental about it.

In women, sometimes, such skin tags are developed under their breasts and anal areas and it is really frustrating too.

However, these skin tags don’t cause any underlying medical conditions and are not cancer-causing too. They are harmless and you can get rid of them by undergoing a surgery too.

Yes, the surgery for skin tags is possible and you can hire a skin tag removal clinic and the skin specialists will ensure that those skin tags are removed from your body.

Why Are Skin Tags Formed?

According to the medical science, some people are more prone to having skin tags than others. There are many reasons for the same. However, one most common reason is obesity.

People with overweight generally have huge folds of skin that rub against each other constantly and this friction is the reason for developing skin tags.

Also, researchers have proved that the skin tags have some connection with the age as it is generally developed in elderly people. Women too become victims of skin tags than men.

Also, hereditary too is considered as a reason for skin tags. If you have these skin tags on your body, there are chances that your family members too have such issues.


Most of the skin tag victims left it as they are. They don’t go for skin tag removal surgeries. It is perfectly alright as these skin tags are not cancer-causing and also, they don’t invite any other health issues. People hesitate to spend time and money on something that is not serious.

However, if you find it irritating, you should go to a skin clinic in London and get rid of them.

If you have skin tags on eyelids, it might get trickier as it is considered as a type of visual impairment. In addition to that, if you consult a doctor, he might too find it difficult to remove. Some patients try to go for self-removal and it is not a safe way to do it. You might end up damaging your eye. Always hire an expert on such sensitive issues.

How Doctors Treat You?

Generally, visiting a clinic is the best way to get rid of skin tags. Your doctor will remove the skin tags with a scalpel. He will anaesthetize the skin first, remove the skin tag with a scalpel and then stitch it.

Another way is to freeze the skin tag with liquid nitrogen at minus 321 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, doctors choose to burn them with electric current.

Your doctor will examine the growth of the skin tag and choose an appropriate method to remove those skin tags.


Though there are many home remedies available for removing skin tags, remember, you are not an expert and you might end up hurting yourself by trying these remedies. Why take a chance when you have a professional who can treat you better? Hire a London skin tag removal clinic and let professionals take care of the problem.






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