7 Reasons to Consider In-Home Health Care For Your Loved One

7 Reasons to Consider In-Home Health Care For Your Loved One

Is there a member of your family that requires regular medical assistance? Have you debated as to whether or not you should place them in a facility? Take a look at these reasons why in-home health may be the right lifestyle choice for them.

No one plans to get injured, sick or incapacitated. When it happens to someone in your life, it can be a challenge to care for them. Whether it’s an injury or a chronic, life-altering illness, you want to provide the best care.

Deciding to keep your loved one at home is a choice many people are making. It could be for financial reasons, maybe you want to make sure they get better care or just overcrowding at a care facility.

Hiring in home health care is a great way to make sure they get great care and you know they are happier at home. If you are looking for in home care, here are a few reasons why you should.

Yes to In Home Health Care

It could be an aging parent, someone living with cancer or other life-ending illnesses or an injury that needs time to heal. It isn’t always for older people, children get ill, as well.

1. No Place Like Home

Keeping your loved one at home, in theirs or yours, makes them feel more comfortable. Often time, care facilities can be noisy, crowded and hard to get the care or attention they need.

Being cared for in the comfort of home is simply more dignified for the patient. In home health care professionals can do all the basic procedures right there on the premises.

No fighting traffic, arranging transport, or the discomfort of transporting people with limited or no mobility. All services come to you. It removes the stress for the patient and for the family.

2. Costs

The price of using a facility for care, like a nursing home or assisted living can be expensive.

There are often hidden or additional fees for services. At home, you can pay for the services you need.

In home health care provides medical care. You can have someone as a personal assistant, whether it’s a family member or from a service. It’s more reasonable when you don’t require constant companions.

Placing a patient in a care facility means you pay for the physical place and extra for treatments and services needed. This can be very costly for people. Plus, the care isn’t always what you pay for.

3. Emergency Services

Besides the regular services you need, there is always 24-hour emergency services, just in case you need it. This means they come to you, so no long wait, finding transportation and the extra costs that can be attached.

The emergency team can do all the treatments needed except surgery right in your home. They bring the tools and equipment to you and can take care of nearly all emergencies that crop up right away.

If you need urgent care or treatment, fluids, x-rays or treatment, Landmark Health will provide that. No appointment needed, at the security of your home, so you don’t have to move.

4. Privacy

Private rooms in hospitals and other care facilities are expensive. When you are already dealing with an illness, it can be overwhelming to have to deal with the illnesses of others, as well.

All procedures are carried out in the privacy of your home, where there are no prying eyes, no one waiting for services and no one needs to overhear all your personal information.

Often, it can be difficult for people to be around other sick people, and sharing space, washrooms, and medical professionals just add to the stress of the illness already.

5. Routine

Once you set up your scheduled visits, you can be ready for them and you and your household can plan their lives and other activities around that. Rather than waiting for hours for services, they come to you on schedule.

This means you know when they will be there so you can be ready to discuss further care, other options and get a full report on progress. You can talk about concerns and other issues you may have.

How many times have you arrived early for your doctor’s appointment just to be left waiting for an hour? That won’t happen when they come to you. Your schedule appointments mean you will get the treatments and care you are expecting.

6. Multiple Services

Not just blood pressure cuffs are in home health care services. They have professionals in all areas. Mental health, diet, and nutrition and full medical services from nurses or personal care companions.

With a pharmacist on hand, they also provide services for the family, as well. Mental stress and exhaustion can take its toll without you often noticing. You can talk to a professional about what you are going through, as well.

7. Peace of Mind

In home care means you have the peace of mind that you are getting excellent services for your loved one. Having to drive to a doctor or clinic can be stressful for the patient and painful.

You know your patient is safe at home, whether you can be there or not, at least they are comfortable. The patient will be much more comfortable at home, with their own things and people who love them.

It can be a very difficult decision, to place your parent in a care facility, and it means a lot to you and to them when they can stay home or with family and still get the excellent care.

Home Sweet Home

No one wants to think about caring for a sick parent or child. It happens to the best of families.

The important thing is to consider all your options but mostly, what the patient wants.

There is usually no reason to send them off to a care facility nowadays when the medical care will come to you. In home health care has so many benefits for you and for the patient, there isn’t any reason not to use it.

Hopefully, you never have to make these decisions at all, but if you do, caring for the patient at home is just kinder, and easier. It can be stressful for you, but it’s worse for the patient.


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