Everyone deserves a break. Most people take time out to travel, shop, or catch up with family and friends. But some prefer a more outgoing form of relaxation and socialisation – these people are partygoers and love to be around others. Usually, parties have a negative connotation because of an over-the-top show of luxury, and general reckless nature. But the thing is, parties can be simple and wholesome without sacrificing the enjoyment of participants. It can be done with glamour but not as expensive and intoxicating as the usual

Unfortunately, many small businesses believe that an ergonomics program is only necessary for larger companies with more money to throw around. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. What these small business owners often fail to do is to look at ergonomics as a way of to lowering costs, and integrating core safety values. A strong ergonomics program won’t just be an investment in the well-being of your business, but also in your workers. Your workforce relies on the perks of ergonomics just as much as they do in

One of my favourite stories as a child was The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, written by a very clever man called Clive Lewis (you probably know him as C.S. Lewis). Anyway, I once read a quote from Mr Lewis that went something along the lines of realising that, having left his 20s and entered his 30s, he was forced to come to terms with the fact that he was a walking talking adult. For me, that milestone age is fast approaching. I can’t ever see myself changing that

Nothing sounds more relaxing than an evening spent unwinding in the warm bubbly waters of a hot tub. Whether you’re investing in some serious self-care time alone or reclining with a loved one, a hot tub is the pinnacle of relaxation. Perhaps you’ve heard rumors, though, that hot tubs can cause urinary tract infections. It’s jarring to think that an activity that relaxes your body could also lead to an infection. Is it true that you can get a UTI from hot tubbing? Common Causes of UTIs To understand whether

All parents want for their children is for them to the safe, happy, and healthy. When your kids are little, you can help them to be all of these things. But at your babies turn into teenagers, they need more independence. And while sometimes this independence can help them learn skills and grow as people, sometimes this independence allows your teen to make decisions that don’t necessarily align what who they are or how you raised them, like if they’ve chosen to start taking drugs. So if you think that

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