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In 2014, Uruguay became the first country to fully legalize the consumption and sale of recreational marijuana. It was a landmark moment for those fighting to get cannabis legalized, a move which prompted other countries to look into their own laws surrounding marijuana. In 2017, Canada passed its Cannabis Act, legalizing the purchase and use of recreational marijuana for those over 18-years-old. In the USA, the responsibility is on individual states to legalize marijuana. Nine states have already taken steps to decriminalize marijuana use for adults, including California, Washington, and

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) controls the classification of organic foods. For infant formula, it is possible to receive an organic classification if 95% of the content came from ingredients used in sustainable agriculture. It also means that the formula contains no pesticides or fertilizers. If the milk came from animals, the animals received no antibiotics or growth hormones. Sugar, corn syrup, and glucose are also not present in the said formula. Otherwise, it can’t have an organic classification. If you are searching for infant formula, consider organic. The

Workplace sexual harassment is extremely trying, confusing and stressful for the victim. Here’s what to do if you are being sexually harassed at work. At least 25% of women have reported that they’ve been sexually harassed at their place of employment. Unfortunately, that statistic is on the lower end. Disturbingly, it’s estimated that 75% of people who have been sexually harassed have not reported it. A handful of men have also had this issue in the workplace. While sexual harassment is illegal and against most company policies, many people let

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why not consider an escape room adventure. But what are escape rooms? Click here to get the lowdown. Picture this: you and your friends are stuck in a room with a ticking bomb and have exactly one hour to detonate it. Or you’re in a sunken submarine and must locate oxygen tanks to survive. Or maybe you’re an FBI agent tasked with stopping a serial killer. Don’t panic; you’re not having a nightmare. You’re actually in an escape room. What are

A rainwater collection system can help individuals and communities become more sustainable. Here’s the equipment you need to invest in to get started. “When in ancient Rome!” That’s what they say, right? Well, when you’re discussing rainwater collection, this phrase applies! The Roman Empire perfected their rainwater collection system by creating state of the art technology to achieve prosperity and sustainability. Believe it or not, there is even a rainwater collection system that you can sail a boat in! Now, that’s dedication! While ancient people collected rain out of necessity

Are you curious about your family’s past? Find out here how to research ancestry and find out more about your family history. Have you ever wondered about your family’s ancestry? Maybe you have friends who frequently celebrate their heritage, and you wish your family could do the same? Maybe you want to know if you’re Scottish or English? Or, maybe it’s just pure curiosity? Whatever the reason is, learning your family history is something can that be fun, and it can make you feel more connected to a culture and

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