The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List

The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List

If you’re planning on taking a trip to the beach this summer you want to be prepared. Take a look at this beach vacation packing list to make sure you have everything you need for a great trip.

Beach vacations can be incredibly fun. Relaxing under palm trees, drinking cocktails, and tanning under the sun are all things most of us dream of doing. We imagine perfect sunny days and fun late-nights making memories. But, if you’re not prepared, your perfect beach days could quickly turn into nightmares.

Being in a foreign country or far from home without access to the things you need can be anxiety-inducing, frustrating, and most of all trip-ruining. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to a beach destination this summer make sure you’re up to speed with what a proper beach vacation packing list looks like so you can make the most out of your time at your tropical destination.

The Basic Beach Vacation Packing List

This first list is for those who are only traveling with other adults – no kids. If you’re on your honeymoon, on a couple’s trip, or simply hanging out with the girls, this list is for you.

1. Medication

One of the worst mistakes people commit is forgetting their medication at home before heading out on a trip. Make sure all your medication is packed, even those you think you may not need. Being unprepared for a medical emergency while away from home is never fun.

2. Sand-Free Beach Bag

Being covered in sand is not a lot of fun once you’re back in your hotel room. Carrying a sand-free beach bag can make it easy to transport your belongings and essentials to the beach without bringing the sand back with you!

A tote bag works great. Just shake it up a couple of times before heading back to the hotel and the sand will fall right off.

3. Bug Spray

If you’re going overseas to a tropical destination, it’s important to pack some bug or fly spray. Different ecosystems have different insects, so be prepared! No one likes to spend their vacation bitten.

4. Plastic Bags

Although they are not great for the environment, plastic bags can come in handy during beach vacations. Wet clothes, sandy flip-flops, and trash can all be collected in those bags and transported, hassle-free, back to the hotel room.

5. Body Brush

If you really hate the feeling of sand stuck on your body, you might want to consider bringing a small body brush. Use it to wipe away sand before you get in a car, go back to the hotel, or need to be indoors elsewhere. This tip comes especially handy when there are no showers near you.

6. Swimsuits

Whether you’re into one piece or two piece swimsuits, it’s important to pack them! Don’t let your vacation turn into a horror story in which you forget one of the most basic beach items. Beware that if you do, you’ll have to pay crazy amounts for new ones at whatever resort or beach town you go to. Bring enough so that you’ll always have a dry pair.

7. Sunscreen

Just as obvious as the previous item is sunscreen. Many people believe in buying their sunscreen at their destination. However, this can quickly turn into a nightmare if you’re on a secluded beach and are only able to shop at your hotel’s convenience store or are in an expensive country. Don’t let yourself get ripped off and bring your own sunscreen!

8. Multiple Flip Flops

In the hot, sunny weather you’re not going to want to wear closed-toe shoes. Packing a variety of flip flops will make your trip more comfortable. Make sure to bring some that can get wet, so you can bring them down to the beach, and some that are nice for walking around town or the hotel.

9. Leave-in Conditioner

If you’re going to be at your beach destination for more than two days, it’s a good idea to pack some sort of leave-in conditioner or hair oil. The sun can damage your hair pretty quickly, especially if you’re spending hours under it every day. Hydrating your hair can prevent sun damage, which can sometimes lead to colored hair fading.

10. Loose Clothing

Loose clothing is perfect for extremely hot days or times when your back is entirely sunburned. This can prevent both heat stroke and the worsening of your tender skin.

11. Aloe Vera

If you’re prone to sunburns rather than tanning, this is an important one for you. Packing aloe vera can instantly make your trip better. It can provide sunburn relief and is especially satisfying when chilled.

12. Corks

If you have any small valuables, such as keys, bring a couple of corks or other flotation devices with you. Attach them to your keys and valuables to prevent them from sinking down to the ocean floor or into a crowded pool.

If You’re Traveling With Kids

If you’re not taking an adult-only trip and are instead enjoying the summer with your children, listen up! Things get more complicated when there are little ones to attend to, and forgetting something matters more. In addition to most things mentioned above, here’s what you definitely cannot forget on your next beach trip.

1. Their Medication

Just like the previous list, make sure you pack everyone’s medication. Any inhalers, allergy medicines, etc. that may come in handy should all go in your bag so you can be prepared for any type of emergency.

2. Snacks

Packing their favorite snack can come in handy when they decide they don’t like any of the food or snacks at your destination. If you know your kids are not great when it comes to trying new food, pack a few snacks so they can be more comfortable and you can avoid tantrums.

3. Baby’s Necessities

If you’re traveling with a baby, it’s important to pack everything he or she might need. Diapers, wipes, diaper covers, formula, pacifiers, etc. Pack more than you think you’ll need, even if it means you won’t be traveling light. You’ll thank yourself later.

4. Beach Tent

If the beach you’re going to doesn’t have shady areas, you might want to consider packing a beach tent. It’s a great place for your little ones to cool off in after they’ve had their fun in the sun, and the perfect place for you to sit and watch them play.

5. Potty

If you have younger kids who aren’t potty trained, it’s important to think about where they will go potty if there are no bathrooms around and they are not wearing a diaper. Packing a foldable potty with removable bags can make the process easy, especially if you’re planning on taking your kid on a road trip while at your beach destination. This way, even older kids can go potty while on the road.

6. Hauling Device

A tote might not be big enough to haul all your children’s belongings from the car or hotel room to the beach. If you think this will be the case, figure out how you can pack something that will allow you to transport more things at once. This can be a foldable cart, a laundry bag, or an extra large beach bag.

7. Toys

If your kids are small and get distracted easily, make sure you pack a few small toys so they can be entertained during dinners, by the pool, or in the hotel room. Having bored and whiny toddlers is never fun, so plan ahead!

8. An Inflatable Pool

If you’re not excited about your kids being in the ocean or in deep, crowded pools, make plans to bring a small inflatable pool for them to play in. It will keep them contained in one place and should take away any fears you may have about them drowning or getting hurt.

9. Hats For The Whole Family

It can sometimes be hard to apply and reapply sunscreen on your kids. Bringing a hat can lessen the amount of sun exposure their faces are experiencing without you having to bother them every few hours with sunscreen. Bring some for yourself and your partner too to prevent sun damage and skin aging.

10. Video Camera

This will indeed be a vacation you will never want to forget. Your kids will get to experience new things and new places, and you’ll want to document every part of it. Taking a video camera is a great way to capture some funny or candid moments. In 15 years you’ll be glad you packed this.

Wrapping Up

The beach is one of the most sought-after destinations for those planning vacations. If you’re one of the lucky ones taking a break from your busy life to travel to the beach, make sure you’ll have a stress-free and happy time while there by following this beach vacation packing list.

Packing all the essentials before heading on the trip will ensure that you, your partner, and the entire family will be comfortable enough to enjoy their stay.

If you’re interested in learning more about travel and other tips, don’t hesitate to check out our content!

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