Why Cork Flooring Is The Perfect Solution For Your Basement

cork flooring is the perfect solution for your basement

Finally, after putting in extra hours of overtime at work, you are in the position to purchase some property. After lots of looking around and trying to sort out a budget, you have found what you think is the dream apartment. It’s the right size for you and has a good location not far from the coast.

The one snag is that it will require some upgrades before you move in, but that’s no problem as you are a carpenter by trade and have friends with other skills willing to help out. For the flooring, you considered carpet, but fancy something more fashionable and that you know will be admired by visitors, such as installing a cork floor in a basement is an excellent idea for several reasons.

cork flooring is the perfect solution for your basement

Resistant To Mould

Cork is resistant to mold and rot that is often associated with buildings below ground level, as it comes from tree bark which absorbs moisture. It is just as easy to install as a laminate floor, with cork planks interlocking to look like one complete surface.


A substance called suberin gives cork its wax-like appearance which allows the material to resist insect or rot damage as it would on a tree. It is also great news for allergy sufferers as cork is resistant to microbial growth.

Good Effort To Save Trees

By installing a cork floor, you will be helping the planet as cork is harvested without damaging trees, with it being possible to harvest an average tree that has a lifespan of around 700 years up to 15 times. Programs in recent years have led to an increase in the supply of cork through mass replanting.

Durable & Easily Cleaned & Maintained

As you are looking to retain a budget to complete the fitting out of the apartments for rent in columbia sc, you will be choosing an excellent option. A cork floor generally lasts between 40 and 50 years if properly looked after, meaning that the installation represents excellent value for money. Cork tiles are easy to install; they can be simply clipped together or glued down, and their durability means that there are no worries about any replacements for some time. They’re also scratch resistant, which helps their longevity. Cork is easily cleaned and maintained, and even at the end of its life, it naturally degrades, which is excellent for the environment.

Comfort & Safety Benefits

You are guaranteed comfort as the cushion effect of cork means it’s kind to your feet, which is especially welcome after a hard day’s toil. It is great if anyone calls with toddlers as the surface is kind to their knees or body should they tumble. There are no worries about dropping heavy objects as cork will handle them. Your safety is also further enhanced as the floor will only melt or ignite at very high temperatures.

Various Options

The range of colors, designs, and styles available at the cork flooring Perth supplier are plentiful, whether you want to go for the several types of wood effects, or perhaps dark grey stone is what you are looking for. There is no reason not to mix the different offerings, as a cork floor is extremely adaptable.


Apart from being shock-resistant, cork is also soundproof, making it a perfect solution to fit a new surface. Listening to music with the volume up or having mates round to cheer on the local favorites poses no problem.

Installing a cork floor in your basement will mean that you retain all the aesthetics of the alternatives while receiving excellent value for money and assisting the environment.

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