Tips for Selecting the Best Slip and Fall Accident Law Firm

tips for selecting the best slip and fall accident law firm

Have you or your loved one been involved in a slip and fall accident? It could happen to anyone and anywhere, from the workplace, shopping mall, and other properties, but you need to protect your rights. Slip and fall accidents could cause significant injuries, some minor while others that could mean spending the rest of your life bedridden, or in worst cases, death. Noting the impact, therefore, you should do what it takes to protect your rights. Among the most effective approaches is hiring a reliable and reputable slip and fall accident law firm.

tips for selecting the best slip and fall accident law firm

Enlisting a slip and fall accident law firm delivers numerous benefits, including receiving better compensation, saving you time, and guiding you through the complicated legal and insurance concerns. Such benefits, nonetheless, can only be realized if you hire a reliable and reputable law firm. Narrowing your search to the best law firm can be quite demanding, but with a checklist to guide your quest, you can comfortably find an ideal match. Among the factors to include on your checklist includes;

Here Are The Some Tips for Selecting The Best Slip and Fall Accident Law Firm


A law firm’s reputation tells you a lot about what you can expect from their services. This can quickly be addressed by checking their customers’ testimonials and ratings. Apart from visiting the firm’s website, also search them on rating sites such as Yelp for a less-biased opinion. Browse through several reviews, and see to it that the firm delivers as promised to avoid falling for irresistible offers only to be frustrated later on. Consistent complaints such as poor customer service should be enough to direct your search elsewhere.


While considering the experience, you shouldn’t only check the number of years the firm has been in operation. It would help if you considered their area of specialization, and ensure that they have experienced attorneys in the slip and fall accidents field. An experienced car accident attorney, for instance, might not be the best match for slip and fall accidents. Verifying that the law firm holds experienced slip and fall accident attorneys, therefore, offers an edge as they know the ins and outs of what you need to defend your rights and get the best compensation successfully.


Will your case be prioritized? Imagine losing the case because the assigned attorney forgot to file it before the expiry of the statute of limitations; that can happen if you choose an understaffed and overworked team. Some firms take more cases than they can adequately handle, and to ensure that your case won’t be pushed down the pile, you need to check out the attorney’s availability. Apart from having a manageable workload, also check if you can conveniently communicate and follow up on the proceedings, such as having friendly contact hours if not available 24/7.

The charges

Personal injury cases are usually on a contingency basis, but that’s not an excuse to check out the slip and fall accident law firm’s criterion. What percentage of the compensation will the firm take? Are there fixed costs you need to finance before moving on with your case? Avoid last-minute shocks by getting detailed information before committing.

Choosing the best slip and fall accident law firm ensures that you achieve the best possible results. As the attorneys are motivated as they only get paid once the case is settled, you can rest assured that your interests are in the best hands.

These are top tips for selecting the best slip and fall accident law firm.

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