The Best Blogs for Freelancers

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Freelancing sometimes requires a hectic schedule when multiple client deadlines come together at once. It can also be somewhat isolating, especially if you have an extensive list of clients and don’t get to work with anyone very closely. Even if you use fantastic tools like to manage client communications, you might end up feeling trapped in a bubble of work.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to do the work completely alone. Some excellent blogs provide advice and insights, helping you feel more supported no matter what industry you’re in. Check out the best blogs for Freelancers.

the best blogs for freelancers

Just Creative Design

Even though this blog focuses on design freelancers, it has some relevant advice for other independent professionals as well. Jacob Cass manages the blog with a combination of design skills and business savvy, and he brings significant experience in branding and identity for freelancers.

Managing your identity may not seem important at first glance, but it’s what helps set you apart from the pack. Cass’ advice has lots of powerful tips for managing your image in real life while also juggling all the actual work of freelancing.

Indy Blog

Since Indy provides a variety of services for freelancers, it makes sense that Indy blogs cover a range of topics for them. Besides the nuts and bolts of freelancing, many blogs discuss the independent work lifestyle in general, including digital nomading and working from home.

You can find helpful articles about taxes, templates, starting a business, and other technical aspects that can be a headache to figure out on your own. Take advantage of the practical advice offered to save yourself time, energy, and money while keeping your clients happy.


Lifehacker may be a general-purpose lifestyle blog, but its productivity and lifestyle tips are excellent. It’s the perfect companion for freelancers who work from home and need to balance work and hobbies without feeling isolated.

Lifehacker’s financial section titled “Two Cents” is perfect for freelancers on a tight budget. There are even articles that are helpful for parents trying to juggle all their responsibilities.


Adweek covers journalism, media, marketing, and other areas related to advertising. It’s an essential resource for marketing and graphic design professionals trying to stay on the cutting-edge of trends.

It’s also helpful for journalists who want to understand broader changes in reader interests and demographics. If you’re short on time to read, try their podcast episodes, which dive into topics around diversity, inclusion, and the business of marketing.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits is a simple, minimalist blog by Leo Babauta that packs a powerful punch. The posts focus on creating sustainable work and lifestyle habits but occasionally dive into topics like death and finances.

The blog only updates once every several days, but since it’s been running for nearly 15 years, there’s plenty of older content to dive into. Babauta also makes training materials and books for people of all walks of life, including freelancers, to live more open and relaxed lives.

Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon is best known for his book Steal Like an Artist, which provides a blunt discussion of what creativity looks like when so much of what we do is influenced by others.

Kleon’s blog posts cover relevant and timely topics related to everything from podcasts and TV shows to museum collections. Although they’re not always directly applicable to freelancing, they’re inspiring, funny, and provide a breath of fresh air in your busy day.

David A. Fields

Although Fields’ blog is tailored to consultants, it contains suggestions and wisdom relevant to freelancers hoping to provide a broader range of services. His posts can give you the insights you need to use your knowledge, not just your skills, to increase the number of services you can provide to clients.

The blog posts are clearly written and sometimes include small illustrations to help make the lessons more memorable. If you work in writing or marketing, you could probably even learn from how Fields lays out his posts and explains his concepts.

Staying Productive

It’s easy to read too much and end up losing valuable time when you’re supposed to be working. However, if you find blogs that you like, make time to catch up on them in the evenings or on weekends.

Reading through blogs can even serve as a bookend that marks the end of your workday to keep you from overworking. Collecting insights from others can be a valuable part of your schedule, so don’t feel bad for indulging in some light reading. You never know what kind of information, tips, and ideas you’ll find.

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