Modern Chairs 101: Your Guide to the Different Kinds of Chairs You Can Use Today

different kinds of chairs

different kinds of chairs

Walk into any room today – an office lobby, a living area, a dining room, or a bedroom and you will most definitely find a chair or two. Chairs have been an essential piece of furniture for centuries, although we’ve come a long way in regard to chair designs and styles. These can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but there are some types of chairs which are more popular than most. This could be due to their aesthetic and design appeal or their unique shape or size, or this could also be attributed to the comfort they give. If you are planning to get some chairs for your living space, your choices can be quite overwhelming. To make it easier, however, here’s your guide to the different kinds of chairs you can use today.

The occasional chair

It may be your first time hearing the name ‘occasional chair’ but it’s almost a guarantee that you have already seen an occasional chair – or have one yourself. An occasional chair can be any kind of chair which isn’t used regularly – hence the name ‘occasional’. It is often an additional chair you can use when you have friends or guests coming over, and many occasional chairs also serve as accent pieces which are often chosen based on their decorative style and design more than any other factor.

The side chair

Side chairs are most often used by many as dining room chairs, and for good reason, as confirmed by popular chair suppliers like You can easily distinguish side chairs as well, as they are usually small with an un-upholstered frame. The frame of the side chair is generally solid, and it can come with or without arms. Side chairs can have seats or backs which aren’t upholstered, either. You can use side chairs in the dining room, of course, but you can also use them as extra seats in a living area or another space in your home, for example, a bedroom or den.

The club chair

Unlike side and club chairs are quite bulky in look and feel. This kind of chair is distinguished by its cushioning and its upholstery, and it will usually have arms as well. The back of the club chair is often low, and you can easily find it in a leather covering. The term ‘club chair’ actually originates from the 19th century, in England, when these types of chairs were commonly seen in popular gentleman’s clubs. Nowadays, other covers are used for the club chair; of course, you can still find it in a leather cover, but it also comes with fabric covering and other textiles.

The slipper chair

The slipper chair is an upholstered chair, but its main difference from other kinds of upholstered chairs is that it doesn’t come with arms. You can also separate it from other chairs with its shorter legs, making the chair sit closer to the floor or ground. Its low height essentially makes it different and more comfortable as well. Originally, slipper chairs were used by ladies in their sitting rooms, but now, you can use them for most any room in your home, and thus, you can often see them in living areas and family rooms.

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