Are You a Speed Demon? Here Are 4 Ways to Avoid Tickets

how to avoid speeding tickets

How to Avoid Speeding Tickets: 4 Great Methods

Few things in life are more enjoyable than speeding out on the open road to your hearts content. But it typically comes with the pretty pricey fine if you get caught. Click here to learn how to avoid speeding tickets with 4 simple to avoid speeding tickets

Speeding is always risky. But as long as you’re not too reckless, speeding isn’t the worst thing you can do behind the wheel. You may be in a hurry, or you could just be a lead foot.

But you never know when a cop is hiding around the corner or when you’re approaching a speeding trap.

But do we still speed? Most definitely! Which means drivers need to get crafty when speeding while avoiding cops. Fortunately, the experts have a few tricks up their sleeves.

If you want to know how to avoid speeding tickets, follow these four pieces of advice.

1. Don’t Speed on Commercial Streets

If you live in a small town or the backwoods, you probably know this rule better than anyone else. When you’re driving on a country road, feel free to slam on the gas.

But the minute you get on the main road, start driving like your grandma.

Commercial and major streets are where most cops hang around. They set the biggest speed traps and crowd around all over the roads.

You’re even more safe on the interstate than on a commercial road.

2. Install a Radar Detector

If you can’t avoid commercial streets but still want to speed, you’ll have to install a radar detector. These handy devices make you aware when you’re in police presence, at around the same time they spot you.

The minute your radar finds a cop, it will make a loud beeping noise. This will give you enough time to slow down before they can clock you.

To ensure you buy a quality product, here’s the best radar detector.

3. Find the Cops

Even if you have a radar, it’s helpful to find cops. They may think they hide well, but you can always spot their headlights or their parked car in the distance. Since many cop cars are now larger, they’re easier to spot.

If you drive the same route frequently, say the route to go to work, make it a habit of looking around and finding where the cops are hiding. Ask your friends if they spot cops in the same area.

4. Go With the Flow of the Speed Limit

There’s probably a road near you where the speed limit changes frequently. It’s common for speed limit signs to change on the same road — some even change as much as 10 or 15 miles.

In case you get pulled over, just tell the cop you didn’t know the speed limit changed.

For example, let’s say earlier the speed limit was 45 MPH, but it changed to 35 MPH while you were still driving 45. Just tell the cop you had no idea the speed limit changed.

Now You Know How to Avoid Speeding Tickets

If you’re a speed demon, you probably have a collection of speeding tickets. But it’s hard to kick your speeding habit.

If you don’t want t drive slower, you need to know how to avoid speeding tickets. This advice should get you on a better path to speed it up without getting caught.

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