A Guy’s Guide to Choosing the Best Razor for Your Perfect Shave

the best razor

A Guy’s Guide to Choosing the Best Razor for Your Perfect Shave

When you shave your face, using the right razor can make a huge difference. Here’s a guide to choosing the best razor for your perfect shave.

the best razor

Did you know radical changes to how you look counts as signs of drug use?

People might not take kindly if you decide to suddenly grow a beard or ignore your hygiene. You may not get a job without a decent shave first.

That said, you need to pick the best razor before stepping in front of the mirror. Keep in mind you’re your shaving experience depends heavily on factors like your skin sensitivity and your razor quality.

Never considered what kind of razor to use? Check out our guide below if you want to get the best shaving razor available today:

1. There is Meaning to the Number of Blades

There is a common misconception that no matter how many blades men’s razors have, it will do the trick. The fact of the matter is that two, three, or four blades will not do the same job depending on your facial hair situation. If you’re the type of person who needs a closer, smoother shave, you need to opt in for a razor that packs 4-5 blades.

Still confused? You can visit here to discover more about the difference between single blade safety razors and multi-blade cartridge razors. You might find the best type of razor to achieve that clean shave.

2. Choose the Razor that Moves With You

You know you’re using a cheap razor brand when you nick and cut your face while shaving.

While you might think it’s your fault in its entirety, you might feel surprised that the main culprit is your razor. When you use razors that have stationary blades, you run a higher risk of cutting yourself even without meaning to.

Opt to use razors that have flexible blades. These have the ability to adjust on an individual basis as you shave your facial hair. What this means for you is you get to achieve a flawless and smooth shave without having to suffer through the sting of untoward cuts.

Look for these keywords when you’re trying to buy a new razor. You can also opt to use razors that have ergonomic handles. This enables you to hold it without problems while ensuring that you have a higher degree of control while you’re doing the deed.

3. Change Blades on a Regular Basis

Did you know around 33% of male Americans shave on a daily basis?

If you’re the type of person who likes to save as much as possible, you might get tempted to squeeze a few more shaves out of your old razor blade. If you’re using replaceable blades, you know that buying new blades can get expensive and changing it can get annoying especially if you’re in the shower.

But if you do this, you’re making it harder for you to shave your facial hair.

Remember, if your hair is thicker or coarser, you might need to shave every day to maintain a clean face. With this, you need to change your razor more compared to people with thinner or finer facial hair. This becomes less important if you’re not the type of person who shaves often.

A good indicator that you need to change your razor is when it’s taking you more effort to achieve the perfect clean shave. You might have to go multiple times on the same spot to make it perfect. If you have sensitive skin, change your closest shave razor more frequently.

4. Women’s Razors Aren’t the Same as Men’s Razors

There are real technical comparisons between razors made for male use and those made for females. It isn’t often recognizable without a closer inspection. Some factors that you don’t consider include handle weight, design, blade flexibility, and lubricating strips.

These and more contribute to the differences between men’s and women’s razors. After all, the latter’s main purpose is for leg shaving. However, the great news is that both products have more or less the same performance that you can use it in case you don’t have any alternatives.

5. Price Matters

Depending on various circumstances like budget and shaving needs, you might end up paying anywhere from $20-$300 on your razors alone. If you’re new to shaving, don’t always pick the cheapest or the most expensive ones in the market. Don’t rely on reviews alone since the people who made it might have different skin types and shaving needs.

It’s better to start with a moderately-priced razor. Check how it feels for you during the first few months of your use. If you don’t develop skin problems like razor bumps, it’s a good start and you can only upgrade from there. Otherwise, you need to stop and find something else that might work for you.

Trying out mid-priced razors first before the high-end ones will ensure that you won’t lose as much money. There might be situations where you end up getting an expensive brand that doesn’t work with your skin and shaving needs in the end.

How to Do the Perfect Shave?

Once you get the best razor blades for your needs, you can now start perfecting the right set-up.

Depending on your needs, you might end up needing a rearview mirror to give you an idea of what you’re trying to go for when shaving. Ensure that your bathroom is well-lit and keep the shaving cream within reach before starting.

Get the Best Razor Today!

There are a lot of things you need to do to get the best razor for your skin type and needs.

You need to follow this guide to ensure that you have the best shaving experience. Neglecting these will make the entire process more difficult, with you getting the wrong type of razor and getting yourself injured as a result.

Facial care isn’t limited to the outer layers–you need good dental care to ensure that you look and stay healthy.

You can get a confident smile that can change the way people see you while avoiding serious conditions that arise from having bad dental health. Not sure where to start to improve your smile? Visit us today and check out our reasons you should get adult braces!

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