8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Take Inspiration From

8 Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Whether you’re trying to get organized, have a more stylish space, or a little bit of both, these 8 kitchen pantry ideas you can take inspiration from will help you get there fast!

Pantries can be the heart of your kitchen. It’s where we store food items, small appliances, cookware, and just about anything we need to make a kitchen run efficiently.

When you don’t have a kitchen pantry, or it’s not organized right, it can disrupt the way you use your kitchen.

Let’s look at 8 pantry ideas to help spark inspiration for your storage needs.

1. Think Outside the Pantry

There’s no rule stating you can’t use a piece of furniture to store your kitchen goods in.

Especially if you don’t have a pantry or need the extra space.

Bookshelves are a great kitchen pantry alternative. And many have customizable shelves to make room for even your most awkward shaped items.

Or what about an antique wardrobe? Not only does it have space for both drawers and shelving units, it makes for a pretty and unique furniture piece in any kitchen.

2. Make It Colorful

Pantries don’t have to be boring, so make the decor flow with the rest of your kitchen! Even the smallest spaces can be brought to life with just a little pop of style.

For subtle hints of color, paint the wall space behind stored items. Or for a more dramatic look, extend the color from floor to ceiling.

Wallpaper can also dress up the space. And if you don’t want to commit to one look, they’re available in removable strips to make changing them out a snap. Which can come in handy should there ever be spills!

3. Organization Is Key

No matter how big or small your pantry size is, organization is a must. Without it, you can waste time and money by hunting for items and letting things get lost in the shuffle.

Organize all your spices together in a shelving unit one item deep. That way every container you have is on display, letting you quickly find what you need.

Get matching baskets for bigger items. Place decorative labels on the front of each so you know what is stored inside.

Many of your dry goods can be placed in plastic or glass containers. Labeling them with vinyl lettering not only lets you know what each item is, it makes your pantry look neat and pretty.

Wire magazine containers are a perfect spot to store your vegetables.

Using a Lazy Susan in corner shelves maximizes your use of space. Making everything easily accessible and visible!

4. No Space? Make Space!

Sometimes, when you’re either low on space or it just seems like there isn’t an inch to spare, you’ve got to get creative. This is when the unexpected comes into play!

Notice that gap between the refrigerator and the cabinets? Get handy and build a narrow shelving unit on wheels that can roll into the space. Or, if projects aren’t your thing, many home good stores sell units you can put together yourself.

Another option is the use of an empty wall in your kitchen. You can break into it and use the space between the studs! Customized shelving units can be installed and hanging doors slide shut to keep it all out of sight.

5. Designate Cabinet Space

If kitchen cabinets are all you have, it’s easy to convert the designated space into a workable and organized pantry.

Slide out drawers, adjustable shelves, plate racks, and stackable baskets can maximize the empty shelf space. They can also make organization a breeze.

If you’re using lower cabinets for a kitchen pantry, pull out shelves make it easier to reach items without having to bend all the way down. It also prevents you from having to reach deep into the cabinet to retrieve things.

6. Design a Standalone Kitchen Pantry

If you have one or two empty walls, and you’d rather have a more customized unit, building a standalone pantry is your answer.

Ready to Assemble (or RTA) cabinets are affordable and can be completely designed to fit your kitchen and storage needs.

You can order them it to match your existing cabinets or make it a stand out piece with its own unique look.

7. Use a Chalkboard to Keep It Stocked

A chalkboard not only gives your pantry a whimsical look, it can make organizing your inventory a breeze!

Hang the chalkboard on the back of the door or on an empty wall space. When you notice you’re low on an item or you’ve taken the last one, simply write it down on the board.

When it’s time to go shopping, you can easily (and quickly!) make your list.

It’s also a great spot for family members to add other shopping items to the list. Or even used as a central family message center.

8. Hang Shelves

When you need something beyond cabinets and closet space, shelving is your answer. All you need is wall space!

Hang shelves on the empty side of cabinets. A bonus would be if you have a tall cabinet unit. It gives you a floor to ceiling space for maximum shelf storage!

Or use the backsplash area. Narrow shelving units can be installed to store items such as spices and other small pantry items.

Let Inspiration Help Design Your Next Kitchen Pantry

These tips can get you started down the road on the kitchen pantry of your dreams. And when your pantry works for you, it can turn your kitchen into a space you enjoy using once again!


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