How to Keep Drinks Cold When You Don’t Have a Fridge

How to Keep Drinks Cold When You Don’t Have a Fridge

Beer is always better when it’s cold, but if you don’t have a fridge, keeping it that way during a party can be difficult. Take a look at these tricks that’ll let you keep drinks cold without a fridge.

We’ve all been there: You’re traveling, or on vacation. It’s a hot day, so you buy a cold drink, except that the drink came lukewarm, and you don’t have a fridge to cool it down. What do you do? Is there a way to keep drinks cold without using a refrigerator?

Actually, yes, there are a few ways. We’ve compiled some of them below. Feel free to look things over, and which one best fits your situation.

The Cooler

An old classic, the cooler is a great way to keep things cold. It basically works like a simulated freezer. You put drinks in it and pack it with ice to cool down both the drinks and the container.

Cold air is denser than warm air, which means that putting your drinks under the ice will help to keep them colder longer. Other tricks involve wrapping the cooler in a something to insulate it, keeping it out of the heat. Also, when the ice starts to melt, keep the water in, and add salt to it.

All of these help to keep the contents cold.

The big downside of the cooler is its size and temporary nature. It only works as long as you have ice or icy water. While other methods may not get or keep your drink quite as cold, they also last longer, in some cases, even indefinitely.


Another great way to keep drinks cold is through the use of koozies. Even if you haven’t used koozies before, you’ve definitely seen them. They’re those little-colored sleeves you constantly see people putting on beer cans at most sporting events.

Koozies are colorful, portable and affordable. The big downside with koozies is that they weren’t meant to cool drinks, but to keep them cold. You’ll have to find a way to chill your drink before you put it in a koozie.

Keep Drinks Cold with Mother Nature

Another option for keeping your drinks cold involves using natural means. For instance, if you happen to be drinking in winter but can’t seem to keep things cold, it might be a good idea to use the weather to your advantage.

Another potential idea is to use a river to your advantage. Water tends to be colder than air, so it might help to cool your drink. On a cold or cool day, this is definitely an option you should consider.

Stay Frosty

The refrigerator is the modern solution for keeping food and drinks at perfectly chilled temperatures. The problem is that they aren’t portable, so people are often faced with the question of how to keep drinks cold when they’re away from home. Above, we have discussed just a few possible methods, but there are many more if you want to dig deeper.

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