6 Easy Tips to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

create a more eco friendly home

Do you want to do your part to protect the environment? Here are six small things you can do to create a more eco friendly home. Learn how easy it can be!

create a more eco friendly home

If you’re like the majority of Americans, living a green, more sustainable lifestyle is probably important to you.

But, when it comes to prioritizing the environment, it can be hard to know where to begin. Can you still be environmentally conscious if you don’t use solar energy or drive a Prius?

In short, the answer is yes.

One of the first places to start when it comes to eco-friendly living is in your own home.

If you want to create a more eco-friendly home for yourself and your loved ones, start by implementing these six tips.

1. Program Your Thermostat

Is your house being heated or cooled even when no one’s home to enjoy the temperature adjustment?

Program your thermostat so that your home’s temperature is regulated without you having to worry about it.

This also helps lower your heating and cooling bills!

2. Reduce Your Water Use

How much water are you and your family wasting each day? Little changes can help you significantly reduce your water usage.

Try shortening your showers by just a few minutes, and make sure you’re turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth. If possible, collect rainwater and use it instead of a garden hose to water your plants.

Consider installing a low-flow shower head and aerators on your faucets, too. This will help you conveniently cut down on water usage.

3. Start a Compost Pile

Instead of throwing your food scraps in the trash, consider starting a compost bin instead.

Use those scraps to fertilize your garden instead. If you’re worried about attracting flies and other pests, invest in an outdoor composter with a tight-fitting lid.

4. Replace Your Lightbulbs

If you want to lower energy bills and decrease your carbon footprint, an easy switch is to replace your light bulbs.

Use either LED or CFL bulbs. These use significantly less energy than regular incandescent bulbs.

5. Get Rid of Junk Mail

You know those advertisements, coupons, and other pieces of mail that go directly into the trash? What if you didn’t have to get those at all?

Unsubscribe from these lists so that fewer pieces of mail are printed — which means fewer trees are harmed. The Federal Trade Commission makes it easy for you to opt-out of this unwanted mail.

6. Seal Your Windows

Did you know that your windows could be causing you to waste a ton of energy?

If you have air leaks around your windows, filling in the gaps with caulk or investing in a window replacement can make a big difference.

Not only will this help you lower your energy bills and have a positive impact on the planet, but your home will also be a lot more comfortable during the summer and winter months.

Want to Learn More about Creating an Eco-Friendly Home?

As you can see, establishing an eco-friendly home isn’t as difficult as you might have initially thought.

Do you want to learn more about what you can do to live a healthier, greener life?

Start by taking a look at the lifestyle section of our site. It’s filled with tons of tips and tricks that will help you make your home — and all other aspects of your life — a bit more green.

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