5 Things You Need to Know About uPVC Double Hung Windows

double hung windows

Double hung windows from vinyl is one of the best options you can choose for a  home renovation.

Made in a traditional style, they will easily fit into the interior of any Canadian home, as well as provide you with a lot of other benefits.

Double Hung Windows

Here are five key features of these windows that will help decide whether to install them in your home.

  1. Quality material

Modern double hung windows are made from uPVC.

Previously, wood was the most popular material for such production. However, it requires a lot of care and quickly breaks down.

What can not be said about vinyl: it does not rot, does not deform, is resistant to sunlight, temperature changes, as well as to various mechanical impacts (for example, hits or abrasion of the material). It also does not need any special care and will serve you for a long time.

  1. Good ventilation

One of the most important advantages of such systems is the regulation of air flow.

For the most effective ventilation of the room, you need to open both sashes at once. For moderate ventilation, it is enough to open just one of them.

  1. Safety

High-quality fastening, reliable locks and locking system guarantee that intruders will not be able to get inside your home.

  1. Energy efficiency

Choosing vinyl windows, you will be able to reduce your electricity bills, forget about the noise, unpleasant smells and other things that affect the comfort of your life.

Vinyl Light, a leading double hung windows supplier in Canada, offers reliable products with a multi-chamber frame and a sash of 3 and 1/4 inches.

The space between the glass is filled with inert gas – argon or krypton, and the glass also can be covered with a Low-E coating. It controls the flow of heat through the glass and maintains optimal temperature inside the dwelling.

  1. Aesthetics

Double sash vinyl windows are installed in homes of both traditional and modern styles.

To ensure that the products you choose fit perfectly into the interior, you can pre-negotiate with the supplier the desired design, color, size and tinting of your window systems.

The specialists at Vinyl Light Windows & Doors will help you to pick up and install the most high-quality and stylish double hung windows!

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